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An upgraded contact center that provides a premium level of service for specific needs.

Combining the best processes, high caliber people, and cutting edge technology to provide the highest level of service and brand differentiation.



It is clear that with the Platinum offering, Teleperformance is raising the bar in terms of quality contact center service provision. By formalizing a superior standard service, Teleperformance will have once again proven themselves to be ahead of the curve in the outsourced contact center marketplace. It will be interesting to see how competitors that have been theoretically talking about this approach decide to follow suit.

quote Peter Ryan – Datamonitor

I realized, as I learned about and then toured the Teleperformance Platinum set-up that this is something I have not seen in any other contact center around the world and I have been in a lot of them in just about every geography...the environment is enthusiastic, professional and unique...this bodes well for Teleperformance, and, more importantly, their clients.

quote Steve Loynd - IDC

Solution Components:

List of Contents

Outstanding human approach

Competence driven selection, People-centered strategy, Extended training, Continuous development, Performance bonuses

List of Contents

Superior operational excellence

Premium premises, Physical security, Clients look and feel

List of Contents

Cutting edge technology applied to help people

Teleperformance tools, Fraud controls, Platinum security

List of Contents

Listening to customers to enhance the customer experience

Dedicated experts, Speech analytics, Customer analytics approach

List of Contents

Increase customer satisfaction and profitability per customer

Differentiated offers, Re-engagement, Right “timing” and approach, Enhanced customer loyalty

Superior level of quality due to:

  • High-quality personnel selection, fitting the best profile to each position, strong operational processes, and the best tools to help our people maintain an advisory interaction.

  • Higher performance while supporting even the most demanding Customers.

  • Higher Customer satisfaction ratings.

  • Improvement in quality monitoring score compared to other programs.

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