About us

Teleperformance is the worldwide leading provider of outstanding customer experiences at every single opportunity. We are the worldwide leader in omnichannel customer experience. We’ve been providing superior customer care services for leading companies throughout the world since 1978, with expertise in many markets and verticals. 

Social Responsibility

Teleperformance works to improve business results and also to support people. We invite friends and families to join us in our efforts to aid those in need through our charitable activities, to protect nature and lessen our impact on the environment, and to commit to human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption principles.


Teleperformance has interactions with 38% of the world's population annually. We provide passionate people, working with the best tools, to ensure excellence. We deliver solutions to generate value and results for your customers. We provide an outstanding customer experience in every single opportunity. 

Mission and Values

Our mission and values represent how we think and act every day to achieve our main goal: happiness from inside out. That means satisfaction for those who work for Teleperformance, for our investors and of course, for our clients and their customers.


This is a place where we believe in people. Where teamwork wins. This is a place where we work for people. That's how we put commitment into practice. This is the company that inspires. To learn, to teach, to grow. To get things done. This is the company that motivates. Being happy to make a difference. This is the real thing: your business is our business. 

Corporate Management

Teleperformance is the worldwide leader in Omnichannel Customer Experience Management for many reasons. One reason is the talented, professional team supporting our continuous growth. The composition of our team is uniquely orchestrated to meet our business needs. 

Awards and Recognition

Teleperformance is the most globally recognized company for both its leadership and best practices. Awards and recognition come, not only from our clients, but from independent third party analysts, several renowned institutes, and most of all, our employees.

Global Footprint

Our clients are strategically located. So are we. Teleperformance operates around the world, 24/7, to provide your customers the best experience in every interaction. We integrate all communication channels to create unique solutions and deliver outstanding customer experiences.