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In 2010, as the world’s leading call center, Teleperformance Group has combined its forces with Metis, one of the pioneering companies in Turkey that had been offering call center services for more than 19 years.

Today Teleperformance Turkey implements Teleperformance Group’s 34-year long “Local Excellence with Global Standarts” principle and maintains to be the leader in the Turkish call center industry, offering 24/7 Customer Relations services both in Turkey and nearshore countries with more than 1,350 employees working in three Teleperformance offices in Turkey -2 in Istanbul and 1 in Uşak.

Teleperformance Turkey’s flexible and agile business model, strong technological background and unique CRM know-how attracts many prominent companies from different areas, primarily from technology and telecommunication industries, and maintains its business partnership with top global companies.

Currently Teleperformance Turkey specializes on “E-Performance” application providing services in many areas ranging from social media solutions to tele-sales, customer relations and technical support, in addition to developing its service range with “Nearshore” and “Platinum” solutions for the companies seeking one-to-one contact with their consumers and aiming to go a step ahead of the Key Performance Indicators.

As a CRM partner, Teleperformance Turkey offers services in customer relations, technical assistance, before and after sales support, and customer gains over telemarketing & telesales, along with receivables management and collection calls, database formation/development/updates, survey, event and campaign management and logistics (BPO).

In doing this, Teleperformance Turkey team delivers high quality and secure service principle with international and in-house certifications for:

• Quality: ISO 9001:2008, TOPS, COPC (in progress), ITIL© Managers Certificate
• Security: ISO 27001, PCI

As a collective cultural belief, Teleperformance Turkey team knows that happy and committed people drive the best customer experiences, and therefore the best client and shareholder results. That’s why the concept of “world citizen”, motivational activities, social responsibility projects and social facilities make up the most significant parts of Teleperformance Turkey’s corporate identity.