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The rising cost of healthcare is creating rapid changes in the industry,  allowing the end consumer to have more control over healthcare decisions. Healthcare payers, who in the past have been accustomed to dealing primarily with the needs of employers, are now required to directly communicate and serve the needs of members. Not only has this exploded the volume of inbound customer calls to service centers, but the nature of the inquiries is much more complex, and many company systems and databases are too antiquated to properly handle the needs of their members. Teleperformance has the experience and technology to deliver an integrated, high-quality member experience.

Since privacy regulations in the healthcare industry make data security a top priority, compliance is the foundation for the data and physical security practices for Teleperformance, with certifications for HIPAA, ISO, PCI ,DSE and local regulations. Teleperformance improves operational and cost efficiency through self-service IVR and Web options for simple transactions. That keeps customers out of the queue and lets them complete their inquiries without the need to speak to a live agent, allowing the use of automated/on-line functions for claims and account status information, with proactive e-mail or voice mail alerts to confirm claims payments, deductibles status and HSA (Health Savings Account) or other payment account transfers.

Teleperformance has invested significantly in researching and understanding the existing member experience to create a unique solution that includes knowledgeable, well-trained, and consultative agents who can explain plan options and competitive differences; availability of plan options and physician information prior to and during the decision making and enrollment period and a seamless customer care experience between insurance plan enrollment and the healthcare account set-up. Thereafter, we can help set appointments, review bills and entitlement and explain flexible spending accounts and options. Teleperformance is the one-stop shop for all healthcare and medical financial inquiries.