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Transportation & Logistics sectors face major transformation due to COVID-19 outbreak & to the current economic turmoil.

Order volumes keep fluctuate, and margins are generally low. Finding an edge over your competitors can be difficult when there seems to be little to differentiate.

To ensure business continuity & profitability finding efficiencies will be key: 

Automation to reduce handling times and provide faster feedback to customers

        Seamless & fast customer facing operations to ensure customer experience & loyalty 

Unpack new opportunities to deliver exceptional customer experience with Teleperformance solutions.

How to transform your customer experience operations in the current challenging times

Provide immediate answers & automate easy-to-handle requests

An AI-powered chatbot can answer your customers' questions in real time without the agents being online.

Reducing contact volumes by implementing an AI-powered chatbot will improve customer satisfaction and will help with human resource shortages.

Simplify the planning, tracking and cancellation of shipments  

Use an AI-powered chatbot deployed over IM reducing customer effort substantially.

Go omnichannel

Your customers should be able to contact you on whichever channel they prefer to use and be able to switch between channels seamlessly and without having to start the interaction from scratch.

Speak the language of your customers

When you have customers in multiple regions and countries, you need to be able to serve your customers in their language, thus delivering a personalized, high-quality experience.

Value Added Digital Transformation

Our tools allow us to handle vast amount of traffic & sudden demand changes that affects delivery companies.

We have deep expertise working across all industries and understand  how to optimize flows and user experience without compromising on profit. We do this with balancing data  analytics and AI algorithms with human understanding

Transformation Lever

Benefits for our Clients

Web-based Automated rate loader with OCR driven data extraction that eliminates manual verification. Customizations as per business logic & rules (using NLP)

80% reduction in loading time

Capacity release due to improvement in productivity (40-50%)

Error Reduction: <1% Error Rate

Robotics based unified application which fetches all required information on a single screen and automates various tasks that otherwise may require manual execution.

25 % Savings due to reduction in handling time

Omnichannel customer interaction management tool & workflow solution

30 % Reduction on monitoring and managing times

Every interaction is an opportunity to make a difference

Our knowledge, technology, and market expertise built through years of experience allow us to successfully provide flexible and unique solutions to meet your needs.

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Teleperformance has received more Frost & Sullivan awards than any other CRM BPO company.

We hold the highest IDC MarketScape Grid ratings for our strategy and deliveries.

We are at the top of Everest Group’s PEAK MATRIX.

Our solutions to support every step of the Transportation value chain





B2B/B2C Contact Centre Booking & Reserving Price Quotes Generation and Sales Support Cross-sell/up-sell Booking/status updates

Rate Loading & amendments Data Entry and maintenance – fleet safety / vehicle logs Driver’s records / data upload Capacity analysis to accommodate cargo Claims management

Track and Trace – Real time status updates of containers “Day of departure” coordination with suppliers Notification Management on shipments

Accounts Payable / Receivable Reconciliation/ General Ledger HR Ops & Payroll Billing & Collections Invoicing: Scanning / Indexing / Allocation and validation


Customer Verification Systems - KYC
Account Profile follow up checks Fraud managementPayment method registration Refunds managementCommission payments: franchise partnersDiscrepancies reviewsTransactions Fraud proactive and reactive reviewAI & Machine Learning to Automate Mass reviews and create databaseData labeling / Data annotation Automated recommendations and notifications

Client Success Stories

Chatbot Solution for a Worldwide Logistics Company

An American multinational delivery services company moves an average of 6 million packages daily and operates from more than 2,100 office locations. 


chat volume reduction through containment in AI-driven conversation


ROI for every cent spent

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Food Delivery: Teleperformance and

its Client worked together to identify the most effective

means for addressing the volume spikes that challenged the client and jeopardized  customer loyalty. 

A global leader in online and mobile

food delivery, our Client supports more

than 300,000 restaurants and nearly 28

million active diners.

Teleperformance successfully managed to supplement the existing, site-based workforce with additional work-at-home


E-commerce logistics provider and pioneer in mail and other logistics solutions. Our client was looking for a solution to expand its digital footprint while increasing customer satisfaction and driving down costs per contact.

With Teleperformance`s AI solutions and industry leading operation tools we have managed 65% reduction in chat volumes. The real-time monitoring of bots / chat quality ensures seamless customer experience and resulted in 30% growth in NPS.

Significant forecasting challenges due to seasonality and the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis have lead to urgent, unplanned capacity changes for our client.

In response to unforeseen volume fluctuations Teleperformance has planned a transformation roadmap and implemented intelligent automation tools to

  • address serve the customers of our client in a cost-efficient way. All this with keeping the customer journey seamless and safe.