Accelerating transformation

Artificial Intelligence

Apply AI to empower employees through targeted coaching and learning, automate repetitive, mundane tasks, improve model accuracy through data labeling and annotation and serve customers regardless of geography and language. The world's best brands are already using Generative AI, to assist and guide customer support teams. The power of AI to deliver more effective and efficient business outcomes is limitless.

Our capabilities

NLP/NLU (text and audio)

  • Audio and text transcriptions and translations
  • OCR and document transcription
  • Text intent training
  • Text sentiment training
  • ASR training

Computer Vision (image, video, GIFs, 3D point cloud)

  • Bounding box annotations
  • Polygon annotations
  • Semantic segmentation
  • Line and spline annotations
  • Cuboid annotations for 2D images and videos
  • Point cloud animations for 3D images such as Lidar

  • Data triaging
  • Data classification
  • Data cleansing
  • Data normalization
  • Data cataloging
  • Data bias monitoring

  • ASR intent training for IVAs/voice assistants
  • Text intent training for chatbots
  • Audio/text transcriptions and translations
  • Audio/text sentiment training

Automate content generation to deliver life-like customer conversations, ensure response consistency, and use machine learning to continuously improve accuracy.

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