Business Intelligence Analyst

Key Responsibilities:

  • Attend recurrent & ad-hoc internal & external meetings, reviews and presentations.
  • Contribute to PSP / DMAIC sessions with data and suggestions.
  • Contribute to the onboarding of new team members acting as mentor.
  • Develop / maintain reports related to the activities of his / area.
  • Participate to agile teams & workgroups by contributing with data, facts and suggestions.
  • Participate to corporate and external audits.
  • Participate to the foundation and continuous education training activities of his / her role, (in-classroom, e-learning, internally or client - driven).
  • Report back to management the outcome of his / her actions, tasks, highlights eventual risks & opportunities and proposes preventive and / or corrective actions.
  • Support the continuous improvement effort of the company by contributing with ideas & data, sharing experience, participating to workgroups and initiatives.
  • Be positive and proactive and have a desire for applying continuous improvement processes
  • Adhere to Teleperformance Rules & Regulations on personal & performance data Confidentiality & Security
  • Adhere to Internal and External Standards as those released by the Steering Committees
  • Attend recurrent trainings published by the Client/Company on a regular basis

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Studies or experience in programming
  • Studies or experience in data analysis
  • Studies in management, financial, maths, statistics
  • To have a minimum of 1 year of experience in similar field.
  • Power BI knowledge & SQL skills can be considered as asset