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The spotlight is on everyone’s great dance moves!

In this year’s For Fun Festival (FFF), the Dance competition spurred excitement, created good vibes around the world, and set the right mood for the World Cup. To get everyone pumped before the World Cup, FFF gave everyone more chances to win special prizes through dance-related mini challenges.
We believe that dancing brings joy and motivation to our people, and we were amazed by the talent and passion shared with us during this year’s Dance competition. The energy was truly contagious!

Meet this year’s special guests: Masaka Kids

For the Dance category, the fun never stops! To inspire everyone, FFF 2022 was excited to have the Masaka Kids join us on our quest to crown the next FFF Dance winner!
The Masaka Kids Africana is composed of African children from the age of 2 and up. Finding inspiration and passion through their talents, the Masaka Kids express themselves through dance and song. They share their love of Uganda and connect to the world with their super dance moves.

…and another special guest: FitDance

We invited FitDance to participate as a special guest in the FFF 2022 - Dance category. They showed their vibrant energy and passion for dance, encouraging Teleperformance employees and their loved ones to join the competition.

The FFF 2022 truly went above and beyond!

Congratulations to the winner of the Dance category!

Vandhi Swag | Teleperformance in India

For Fun Festival 2022

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