A Brief Look at DTC in the New Market

Teleperformance - 03.13.2023

The pandemic created the need for organizations to accelerate digital transformation.  Business-to-business (B2B), direct-to-consumer (DTC), and business-to-consumer (B2C) segments were forced to rethink and redefine their sales strategies.

Today, it has become imperative that sales organizations reimagine how they enable and engage with prospects and customers. To address this, most enterprises are taking steps to leverage the capabilities of automation, A.I., and other digital technologies. With buyers evolving in a digital-first environment, sales and customer acquisition methods must constantly adapt to a rapidly changing sales landscape and explore the trends that are shaping the future of digital sales and customer acquisition.

The pandemic served as a catalyst for existing e-Commerce segments to gain recognition. One of these is DTC, a sales model that sees manufacturers or producers selling directly to consumers. For many years, brands have bypassed the traditional sales routes and sell directly to consumers, and the benefits were clear – by selling direct, brands can build and maintain better connections with their customers instead of depending on third-party retailers to sell their products. This increases sales and drive customer loyalty.

Many DTC brands continue to thrive, especially in the new market. And the segment is expected to grow – according to a white paper by Ryan Strategic Advisory, DTC e-Commerce sales is forecasted to have an increase of nearly 20%.

Customer buying behavior is changing quickly, so DTC companies are thinking of new ways and ideas to attract, sell, and retain their customers. The white paper mentioned how companies are experimenting with automated outbound selling tools like SMS and social advertising. Furthermore, DTC brands continue to invest in non-traditional sales channels that utilize AI and chatbots, and use data to fuel personalized shopping experiences.

The rapid growth of DTC must be complemented by exceptional customer experiences and the capabilities to sell to higher volumes of customers – traditionally and digitally – in order to maintain the momentum.

Build an Effective DTC Strategy with Teleperformance

Brands and companies in the DTC segment can benefit from a sales strategy that applies data-driven insights and integrates advanced business services into their processes. Choosing a digitally advanced business partner can help companies remain relevant and stay on top of the changing trends driving the DTC segment.

Teleperformance’s proven, strategic sales services have helped our clients automate the buying journey – from the initial demand to the final purchase – and more. With over four decades of experience in customer experience management, our sales teams go above and beyond in managing all aspects of customer care and harness the latest technologies to translate data into actionable insights that drive sales.

Read the white paper “Three Trends Shaping the Future of Digital Sales Solutions and Customer Acquisition” by Ryan Strategic Advisory in full by clicking
here. Learn how your business can hit sales goals through our sales outsourcing services with proven practices – contact Teleperformance now!

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