Best Practices to Improve Sales Programs

Teleperformance - 11.28.2022

With businesses of all sizes popping up everywhere with every product imaginable, how can you ensure that your company stands out from the competition? Offering exceptional customer service keeps customers happy, which allows you to create long-term relationships and increase the lifetime value of your brand. But, by improving your overall customer acquisition services and integrated sales programs, you gain tangible results to help grow your business in the long run.

Check out these best practices to improve your sales program.

Provide omnichannel customer service

According to our infographic, one important factor to know and address is that communication preferences have changed:


  • 73% of consumers use multiple channels during their customer journey
  • 63% expect personalization as a standard service

Giving consumers the capability to reach out to you via any of their preferred channels makes them feel valued as a consumer. Customers are willing to pay more for products and services if the aftersales care and customer service align with what they want from a brand. 

Including automation tools in omnichannel support provides companies with a cost-effective solution for handling a large number of customer interactions. Artificial intelligence (AI) and chat technologies free up their sales team to attend to high-value concerns, allowing better customer engagement through proactive support, self-service provisions, and shorter response times.

Understand the buyer’s journey and consumer trends

Effective sales programs start with staying on top of consumer trends that come with every buyer journey. Business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and direct-to-consumer (D2C) buying segments have their preferred ways of marketing. Your expertise in the industry will guide your decision on the best platform to connect with them. 

With digital-driven consumers, it makes more sense to operate on digital channels than a face-to-face model. If your B2C consumers respond better to video or live selling rather than non-voice channels such as SMS and email, you would lose business if you don’t meet your customers halfway.

Hire the right kind of people

Did you know that 40% of salespeople can’t understand customer pain, and 60% of salespeople don’t meet their sales quotas?  

Forward-thinking businesses hire sales teams they can upskill to cross-sell and upsell their products to consumers. With the right amount of training and knowledge sharing, these teams can help generate more leads and extend revenue through a single lead by marketing to your existing consumers. Instead of allocating expenses for ad spending to target many users who may not even check out your brand, put your money into training teams while building high-touch, upskilling tools to help them succeed towards your goal.

Prioritize customer retention and loyalty management

Customer acquisition services must be geared towards retention and loyalty. Even when consumers have one foot in the door through inquiries or initial purchases, it’s still better to ensure they remain satisfied, repeat customers. It is cheaper to keep consumers happy than it is to keep marketing your brand through paid ads.

With an experienced sales team, your company can concentrate on lead nurturing and management through interconnecting support channels with CRM platforms. This allows sales teams and aftersales support to have great data sources that help them track the buyer’s journey and respond to them accordingly.

Choose the Right Partner

With over forty years of experience, Teleperformance has helped companies scale highly skilled sales teams for lead generation and creating long-term relationships with their consumers.

Through TP Boost
, Teleperformance can inspire exceptional sales that can lead to a happy customer, the opportunity for a long-term relationship, and increased lifetime value. As a trusted partner, we’ll support you in implementing end-to-end services that cover all aspects of successful sales programs.

Learn more about TP Boost and how we can improve your business! Download our infographic “Choose the Right Sales Partner” here.

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