Celebrating the Women of Teleperformance

Miranda Collard - 02.20.2020

Reflection can be a very powerful tool, particularly as we look forward to evaluate progress and simply ask, “What's next?” Working in a company that deeply values culture and diversity has allowed me to connect with an amazing team of individuals and amazing women from all over the world, all united under one goal of breaking barriers towards gender equality and inclusion.

I remain in awe of our amazing TP Women. I believe that celebrating the women of Teleperformance and hearing out our TP Women stories both have the power to enrich people’s lives. These stories, as told in pictures, represent just a fraction of what we have accomplished, as we continue with our journey. What these pictures don't show you: our determination to share our lives, to champion equality, and to lead by example. The major changes we are leading from the inside out at Teleperformance to ensure progress is achieved in the very core of who we are. These changes—from the way we hire, train, and provide mentorship programs—are slowly taking place. How vulnerable we have become knowing the more we share, the more we educate! That behind these smiles is resilience, determination, and a fierceness that allows us to better serve our people and our clients.

We saw the successful launch of TP Women at the Guadalajara site of Teleperformance in Mexico! It felt amazing to be surrounded by incredibly talented and strong women. At Teleperformance in the Dominican Republic, we acknowledged the strength of every woman and built upon it, always promoting gender balance and diversity.


Women Of TP
Women Of TP


The launch of TP Women at Teleperformance in El Salvador was a huge success. We are proud to be part of an organization that truly recognizes and celebrates the contribution of every woman. The Annual Leadership Meeting for TP Women had a very special guest, none other than my mom:


Women Of TP


From Colombia to India, the women of Teleperformance learned from each other to build best practices around their respective cultures as well as celebrate diversity. Our TP Women Board Members and site leaders from Teleperformance in the Philippines mapped out targets for 2020 at the TP Women’s Summit. We look forward to seeing your great initiatives in the future!

TP Women stands with a purpose, together with an organization that has said "we are with you" every step of the way. We are just getting started.

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