Choose to Challenge!

Miranda Collard - 03.08.2021

Gender equality is slowly paving a road towards a more inclusive world. “Choose to Challenge,” the theme of International Women’s Day this 2021, asks us to stand for gender equality and drive societal changes by challenging the norms. It is important to hold ourselves accountable: we are all responsible for our own thoughts and actions, so let’s make it count. 

At Teleperformance, we are together with the world in celebrating International Women’s Day, and aspire to become agents of change. Thriving in a culture of diversity and inclusivity, we remain committed to empowering the women of our workforce. Gender equality has been a key pillar in our approach to diversity and inclusion, allowing us to provide equal opportunities to women. To date, 25% of Teleperformance’s Executive Committee are women, and the percentage of women in the Teleperformance workforce is 52%. Our global initiative, TP Women, continues to make strides towards highlighting the many achievements of the women of Teleperformance. TP Women consistently uses its platform to reach out and raise awareness on gender issues and women empowerment, helping drive a positive change in our employees. TP Women stands behind diversity, inclusion, and gender balance, supporting equal opportunity and participation at all levels and in all aspects.

For our efforts in fostering a community that values gender equality and equal opportunities for women, we have received numerous recognitions: in 2020, our sites in Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and United Arab Emirates received the Best Workplaces for Women certification. During the same year, Teleperformance in France scored 94/100 on the gender equality index, up from 84 in 2019. Recently, Teleperformance ranked 32nd out of 100 in Equileap’s Global Report, with Teleperformance in France ranking 10th in the country. Equileap is the leading organization providing data and insights on gender equality in the corporate sector.

Moving forward, Teleperformance aims to maintain a balanced distribution in our workforce and management positions, as well as increase the proportion of women in executive positions to reach 30% of women in the Executive Committee by 2023.

As we celebrate the many successes of women today, let us remember that the road towards gender equality can be a long one. However, we are on our way, and if everyone chooses to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality—the road ahead becomes a little bit shorter. We can all choose to celebrate women's achievements and empower them not just today, but always. Together, we can all help create an equal and inclusive world.

Educating ourselves on the importance of gender equality and equal opportunities is key, and hopefully, we can raise awareness for others. Ask questions on what you can do to help, and challenge yourself to call out gender bias and gender inequality. Speak up for those who can’t. Change—no matter how big or small—can go a long way. A challenged world is an alert world. From challenge comes change, so let's all #ChoosetoChallenge.

Today, raise your hand to show that you’re in. Commit to choose the challenge and call out gender inequality!

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