Compassion and Generosity this Back-to-School Season

Clementine Gauthier - 10.13.2023

As a Force of Good, we find ways to share our blessings and show compassion to those who need it the most. Over time, we have formed partnerships that strive to make a positive impact on our local communities and aid the most vulnerable groups. One of these partnerships is with Feed the Children – a partnership that continues to be strengthened by our unified vision of a better and fairer world for all.

For 17 fruitful years, our partnership with the non-profit organization Feed the Children has championed a brighter tomorrow for countless lives. Over time, we have supported the organization’s education, food distribution, and disaster response efforts in the United States. Fueled by the generosity of our employees, our partnership with Feed the Children has played an important role in helping fight poverty and childhood hunger.

With the back-to-school season in full swing, Teleperformance continues to spread generosity and cheer all around, together with Feed the Children! We are very pleased to team up with Feed the Children once more to help 2,800 children and families by donating essential school supplies and food this back-to-school season.

According to a press release, the partnership will see back-to-school and food distribution efforts taking place in 11 communities where Teleperformance operates. Up to 1,200 students studying in at-risk schools from Texas to Virginia will receive backpacks filled with essential school supplies, hygiene products, and snacks. In addition, food and daily essentials will be given to 1,600 families.

“Feed the Children is truly humbled by Teleperformance’s generosity and support of our mission,” said Travis Arnold, president and CEO, Feed the Children, in the same press release. “The need for food and other assistance is significant, and we are very thankful for our partnership. Together, we are providing hope and resources to vulnerable children and their families.”

May we continue spreading joy and generosity everywhere we go! Together, let’s work towards building a better and fairer world for all. #TPCares

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