Competency over Complacency: No Status Quo for Work at Home Innovator WISH

Teleperformance - 12.29.2020

During the global crisis, most companies were caught off guard -- unprepared to respond and adapt with the urgency the pandemic commanded. But CX innovators like WISH were ready.


In late 2019, TP introduced a new model for managing remote teams – Cloud Campus. By centralizing support teams in a regional hub, we knew we could scale faster and manage remote, dispersed teams more effectively and efficiently. Best practices could be shared and implemented across teams more quickly, ensuring greater consistency and service quality.

Always seeking to innovate, US-based online marketplace WISH was eager to partner with us on this journey to revolutionize work-at-home – so they became one of our first Cloud Campus clients.

WISH had already been looking for ways to address volume fluctuations and forecasting challenges, and needed an agile way to scale capacity up or down to meet changing demands and traffic spikes. So, adding capacity with work-at-home agents offered the versatility WISH needed.

With remote agents empowered to work from anywhere – even a different country – WISH was able to:

  • Accelerate hiring and staffing by 63%
  • Decrease absenteeism by 82%
  • Increase agent satisfaction by 1.2%

Most fortuitously, though—beyond these incredible results -- this flexible, cloud-based foundation prepared them for the unexpected. So, when COVID-19 took the world by storm in the spring of 2020, they already had an agile CX model capable of rapidly adapting to even the most extreme threat of business disruption. As a result, they were able to significantly accelerate the work-at-home transition – moving 80% of their entire workforce to a remote model in less than 24 hours!

Seriously – it can’t be over-stated… WISH migrated to a cloud-based, work-at-home model in less than one day!

Anyone in a business leadership position during the 2020 crisis will appreciate the gravity of that accomplishment. While other companies struggled to implement reactionary, ad-hoc work-at-home environments, our inaugural Cloud Campus clients achieved an easy, agile, and accelerated migration to a world-class, secure environment pre-built to manage and optimize remote teams. While speed was not originally part of our core value proposition for Cloud Campus, it certainly proved its agility and worth during the Pandemic.

How do we know? Beyond our Cloud Campus pilot clients like WISH, TP helped companies all around the world rapidly migrate to a work-at-home environment across a variety of models, including traditional, locally-based solutions.

Having moved an unprecedented 200,000 active employees to WAH in just over two months, Teleperformance experienced the massive, global shift first-hand. And, while TP teams in all corners of the world moved mountains to preserve and ensure operational continuity for our clients– regardless of the method – we witnessed significant advantages when utilizing our centralized, cloud-based model.

What took weeks for companies with no work-at-home footprint, took just days with Cloud Campus migrations – in some cases, merely hours.

Implementing innovations like Cloud Campus truly demonstrate the way we at Teleperformance view and maximize our client partnerships. We strongly believe in close alignment and continuous curiosity. Where can we improve our processes, add more value, and deliver greater impact for our clients? What new advances and insights can we provide, and what makes the most sense based on each client’s objectives and goals? What business challenges can we help to solve?

It’s this constant pursuit of excellence, competency, and proficiency that drive us to help companies look to the future, determine what’s next, and transform their business.

Successful companies like WISH are never satisfied with the status quo, because they know that complacency is the enemy of success. Leaders lead – they don’t follow. And TP is excited to pave the way for these incredible, innovative companies to not only survive in the new normal, but to thrive.

Read the full infographic on WISH below.

To learn more about what they achieved both before and during the COVID-19 crisis, read the full WISH story.

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