CX through Automation and Technology Solutions

Shilpa Banerjee - 05.05.2022

Today organizations are thriving to make the customer experience “a living expression of their brands”. Gone are the days when customer experience was merely looked at as a value-added offering. Hence, CX practitioners align a distinctive and engaging brand promise with a coherent and fulfilling customer experience – wherever, whenever the brand meets the customer.

According to Forbes, “improving customer experience (CX) – a concept that involves everything from the level of service to how well products fit into their lives – is a huge focus for businesses. Technology and our data-driven, always-online world mean deeper, sometimes real-time, connections to their customers. However, before that happens, brands know they need to earn our trust and show that they can provide us with value. This will be the strongest trend driving customer experience throughout 2022.”

We, at Teleperformance, offer technology with our high-tech, high-touch approach. In today’s complex, omnichannel world, customers want the right level of support to meet their changing needs. We combine digital technology and solutions with the human touch, allowing the skills of our teams to shine to enhance the customer experience. We believe technology is to brace humans, hence, we offer intelligent solutions that deliver integrated, digitally powered support options designed to meet each customer’s needs. Automated channels accelerate the resolution of simple inquiries, digital tools guide customers to the right options, and advanced interaction analytics provide actionable insights that help detect trends and anticipate changing needs.

Some of our offerings like TP recommender (machine learning-based predictive analytics tool) Digital Floor Walker (virtual assistant for our front-line experts), TP Interact (interaction analytics providing accurate actionable insights) TP Wallet (secured payment solution) have been built focused on the educing customer as well as agent efforts, making each interaction matter. We believe in the power of our people, and they remain our kingpins. They provide a delightful customer experience that enhances our brand partnership. We deliver the right experience, accelerate business results, and deliver the experiences customers desire by tapping into four decades of deep industry experience and leadership. We put our expertise to work for businesses by optimizing business processes, integrating siloed business functions, and implementing a digital-first strategy.

We have built next-generation industry-focused solutions, clubbing the power of automation and analytics. These are vertical-based solutions, that define the problem statement simpler and faster providing a safer seamless interaction experience for brands and customers. We use a combination of automation, screen unification, speech & sentiment analytics, speech to text, next best action recommendation, etc. Our AI-powered RPA solution has driven signification improvement for brands and created dynamic, digitally led customer connections in retail/ retail, FMCG, healthcare, logistics, and various other industries.

Some examples:

  1. With the deployment of the chatbot solution, we improved NPS by 54pts, handled 20% additional volume, reduced attrition numbers to half, and reduced cost per contact by 30%
  2. Powered by RPA, we reduced average interaction handling time by 65%, improved accuracy of the back-office transaction by 100% and processes by 85%, and, brought significant savings to a leading human resources organization
  3. With the deployment of an email bot solution, we expanded the operational window to 24 hours, response turnaround time on emails improved significantly with 100% accurate information, and agent productivity and efficiency improved by 20%


Our design thinking sessions with in-house industry leaders aid us to craft digital transformation strategies, build target operating models, and assessing the pulse of the customer to construct domain-specific transformation tools powered by AI, advanced analytics, and lean methodologies. Our capabilities and solutions help our clients accelerate digitalization and achieve business outcomes faster.  We conduct weekly sessions on brainstorming the top reasons of customers looking to connect with the brand, identify how frequent the customer is facing repeated issues, what is the best solution, various tools and technologies that could be deployed, and solutions that deliver maximum benefit for significant ROI in terms of seamless customer experience.

We drive innovation and extend technology and business capabilities through a powerful network of market leaders and innovators. Our partner network combines the right experience, resources, and knowledge to deliver the most advanced technology, innovative solutions, and actionable insights. Together, we provide an endless range of solutions to help our clients achieve and often exceed, their business goals. These include:




We are committed to building innovative technologies to create rapid response today, shape the journey to the future, and set tomorrow’s standards. Our technology innovation capabilities are helping craft a long-term vision, and architect the right solutions for the customer journey, building tomorrow’s competitive advantage.

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