Extending a Helping Hand to Break the Bias

Teleperformance - 04.18.2022

Last March, Teleperformance joined the world in breaking the bias, further driving awareness to promote gender equality and women empowerment.

Our commitment to gender equality only strengthens over time. Teleperformance envisions a world without discrimination, and we believe that being a spark of hope is a powerful action towards achieving a fairer and better world. There are much more steps to take, but as of the moment, there is progress: as the roles of women continue to be recognized and solidified in today’s society, we hear the resounding voices of more women wanting to be heard, wanting to make a difference, and wanting to be treated equally and with respect.

Fueled by the momentum of our campaign #WomenLeadingChange, we remain driven to further ignite the spark and raise awareness against gender bias—not just in the workplace, but also in our local communities. In a recent blog post, we’ve touched on the importance of educating young girls about the importance of gender equality. Today, we would like to keep the momentum going by sharing another series of Citizen of the World (COTW) initiatives spearheaded by our Teleperformance teams around the world.

Let’s revisit these impactful Teleperformance initiatives that extend a helping hand to our local communities, spread awareness on women empowerment, and truly break the gender bias:

Teleperformance in South Africa

Last March 8, Teleperformance in South Africa hosted “Interview Readiness Day,” an event that was attended by victims of drug addiction and gender-based violence. These women are at the recovery stage in their program with (insert full name of institution/home) and are currently taking the steps towards independence. In the event, Teleperformance volunteers shared key insights on how to fare better during interviews, as well as:

  • How to answer interview questions
  • What questions to expect during interviews
  • What to wear to an interview
  • What to expect during competency assessments
  • How to create a compelling CV

In addition, our Teleperformance volunteers also did a motivational talk on how to be successful and how to make positive choices to empower the attendees. Our teams also donated provisions, making the event an overall success.

Teleperformance in the Philippines


Teleperformance in the Philippines continues to implement its strong initiatives and programs to broaden awareness on how to #breakthe bias. Here are a few of them:

Further expanding its partnership with the Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment, Gender Equality Assessment Results and Strategies (GEARS) is Teleperformance in the Philippines’ resource for understanding gaps, opportunities, and strengths of current workplace gender equality strategies. The aim is to reflect on gender balance and employee movements across the organization.

To further support the development and growth of its women leaders, Teleperformance in the Philippines also offers TP Tribe, a mentee-controlled leadership development program where the first batch of participants were TP Women.

Consistent communication and impactful stories on gender equality were also shared through social media events, podcasts, forums, and special webinars. TP Women teams in the Philippines were also encouraged to conduct watch parties and engagement activities in celebration of International Women’s Day. Some provided tokens of appreciation to women employees while others had their selfie corner where employees—women and allies—are encouraged to strike the #BreaktheBias pose in support of the advocacy.

Teleperformance in Portugal

At Teleperformance in Portugal, equal gender representation is highly implemented. To them, it was a strategic decision to start the change at the very top by improving female representation in leadership roles. Check the video below to see what they have achieved so far:

And finally, we believe one of the best ways to wrap this up is to showcase our own employee’s empowering message to all her women colleagues in celebration of International Women’s Day. Let’s read Celeste’s words:

Best wishes to women who hold within yourselves the strength of life; you who aren’t afraid of change but are yourselves change. You who know how to always get back up after every fall and not afraid to show your fragility, an example of strength, grit, and determination. Best wishes every day to all women! May it always be a spring of rebirth and renewal.

— Celeste Fortunato, Agent, Teleperformance in Italy

Together with our employees who share our passion for driving gender equality and women empowerment, Teleperformance continues to break the bias each and every day. We look forward to seeing you in our next COTW event! To learn more about Teleperformance’s #womenleadingchange movement, click

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