International Day of Tolerance

Clementine Gauthier - 11.14.2022

November 16 marks the annual observance of International Day of Tolerance, declared by UNESCO.


“People are naturally diverse; only tolerance can ensure the survival of mixed communities in every region of the globe. – UNESCO

International Day of Tolerance seeks to generate public awareness and to foster mutual understanding among cultures and peoples. It encourages us to respect, learn, and appreciate the world’s cultures. It gives us a meaningful chance to celebrate the differences that make us human, allowing us to connect better with one another.

At Teleperformance, diversity matters

Teleperformance is united with the world in rejecting all forms of intolerance and inequality. We take greater strides towards creating stronger foundations that would help us achieve a world that is free of injustice and hate. At Teleperformance, diversity is at the core of everything we do – we are strengthened by our differences and celebrate the variety and rich cultures that empower our global workforce of over 420,000 people.

We believe that the first step to a more diverse and tolerant workplace is examining one’s own shortcomings and prejudices. A big part of the equation is erasing the bias and then embracing one another’s differences, which then paves the way for acceptance. Another step is establishing and keeping an open, two-way communication – this creates a feeling of community where everyone’s voices are heard, appreciated, and addressed.

At Teleperformance, we nurture our global communities by celebrating our employees’ unique diversities. Respect is essential to fostering an environment that allows freedom of expression, where everyone is not afraid to speak up openly and be themselves. This is why we constantly build bridges that connect our employees with one another, allowing them to come together and fight discrimination and intolerance such as LatinX@TP and Black@TP. These communities drive collaboration and serve as a safe space where everyone can express themselves, their individualities, and their differences.

We proactively make positive changes today to help build an equal and a safer world tomorrow. Our commitment to continue erasing indifference only becomes stronger. On International Day of Tolerance this November 16, join us as we break the bias and combat intolerance. Learn more about yourself, learn more about others, learn about different cultures, and most importantly – listen. Grow with kindness and empathy, and understand that tolerance and acceptance can fuel our drive towards a better and fairer world.

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