Leading the Way in Remote Teams Management

Fabio Luis - 07.22.2022

As the global workforce experiences a major shift as a result of changing employee preferences, the need for remote teams management has only become greater.

It’s clear that the pandemic prompted most companies around the world to deploy work-at-home strategies to ensure the safety of employees. Yet, at Teleperformance, we have started the work early – back in 2019, we launched the first Cloud Campus hub, a platform that leveraged work-at-home solutions. Fast forward to today, Cloud Campus leads the work-at-home revolution, consistently leading the way in managing work-at-home teams.

Cloud Campus Optimizing Remote Teams Management

With new technologies and shifting employee preferences emerging, companies – along with their business processes – must adapt. The world is more flexible about the workplace location!

Cloud Campus is world-class platform designed to deliver a rich and engaging social environment that keeps remote teams connected and secure. An award-winning work-at-home model, it is designed from the ground up, and simplifies remote teams management by providing the right tools, technologies, processes, and best practices to build high-performing work-at-home teams. It has become a proven partner that has helped clients enable business continuity in the presence of disruption. More importantly, our employees can work wherever they live, and live wherever they love.

Cloud Campus offers unique advantages that can only come from work-at-home solutions that truly work. These advantages are the following:

  • Achieve long-term business agility: With its proven expertise in remote teams management, Cloud Campus can help your business avoid future disruptions and gain unmatched flexibility, scaling up or down as your business needs change.
  • Having access to vast and unique talent, regardless of geographies: There is no such thing as distance when it comes to hiring the right talent. Aside from remote sourcing capabilities, Teleperformance has an immersive global presence in sourcing locations, providing credibility for remote talent. Through Cloud Campus, job opportunities can be easily reached by aspiring employees.
  • Remote promotes automation and CX digitation Cloud Campus introduces of a suite of technologies and processes to fortify work-at-home models. It allows organizations to be prepared to embrace the rapid transformation, and address the changing ways individuals cooperate and collaborate. It embraces future technologies that will impact the way we shop, engage, and live our lives (such as the metaverse).
  • Cost-effective service delivery: We provide the right service delivery mix, including price, quality, plug and play for new markets, and flexibility to optimize costs. ​
  • Talent retention: As more and more employees favor a work-at-home setup, it has become highly imperative for companies to provide remote work options in order to attract, hire, and retain talent. Cloud Campus provides the opportunity for employees to work remotely. Furthermore, we ensure they experience growth by providing them the tools and skills they need to become the best at their jobs, regardless of location.
  • Happier and more productive employees: Working at home allows employees to achieve work-life balance and have more time for things that help them thrive outside the workplace. As a result, they become happy and become more productive, and be inspired.

Today, we are turning the page to the start of a new chapter!

Stay ahead of the competition and elevate the employee experience today. Explore the many benefits of Teleperformance’s award-winning
Cloud Campus. Contact us today!

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