Paving the Way to a Better and a More Equitable World for All

Clementine Gauthier - 07.03.2023

With more than 410,000 inspired and passionate people speaking more than 300 languages, our global scale and local presence allow us to be a force of good in supporting our communities.

Teleperformance believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are integral in building a better and fairer world. We strive to leave no one behind. To be able to achieve this, we implement our impact sourcing initiatives that have helped changed countless lives over the years. Through impact sourcing, we are able to recruit a broader range of groups including people with disabilities and refugees and give them opportunities where employment can contribute to the greater good.

To further bolster our impact sourcing programs, we have partnered with Tent Partnership for Refugees to accelerate the economic integration of refugees. Together with Tent, we share a mission of transforming refugees’ lives through meaningful employment.


It makes us happy to employ more than 2,300 refugees worldwide at the end of 2022, including more than 1,900 Venezuelan refugees at our Colombia operations. For our efforts, we are grateful to have received the Outstanding Leadership in Hiring Refugees Award from Tent in 2021. To date, we continue to change lives for a few hundred refugees across Europe and displaced people from Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and Congo.


Reinforcing Our Commitment to Hiring Refugees, Together with Tent

Since February 2022, the war in Ukraine has affected many lives in the country. Millions of Ukrainians fled and were displaced, and a year later, European countries west of Ukraine are hosting 4 to 5 million Ukrainian refugees. 87% of refugees from Ukraine are women in children.

In its first Tent European Business Summit held on June 19, Tent gathered its network of over 300 major companies, including Teleperformance, to accelerate the economic integration of Ukrainian refugees. As a response, Teleperformance expanded our commitment to hiring refugees by making a pledge to hire 500 refugees, including from Ukraine, over the next three years across our European operations.

Since the beginning of the war in March 2022, Teleperformance has doubled our efforts in helping refugees from Ukraine by connecting them to work or a job opportunity. We made a positive difference by:

  • Offering language classes to help refugees improve their language skills
  • Providing housing for our Ukrainian employees and their family members
  • Partnering with NGOs to streamline the administrative processes of our refugee candidates
  • Working with our clients to adapt recruitment processes and job profile requirements for refugees

Customer care positions were opened in Portugal to refugees from Ukraine (88% are women), with the youngest being 19 years old and the oldest being 47 years old.

We are focused on helping communities by providing employment opportunities that have the power to transform and change lives. Teleperformance has a significant role to play in ensuring that refugees do not get left behind.


Teleperformance helped me to start a stable and bright future when I basically had to start my life from scratch. – Kateryna Protsai, refugee from Ukraine and an employee at TP Portugal

In a press release, Hamdi Ulukaya, founder and President of the Tent Partnership for Refugees and CEO and founder of Chobani commented: “The moment a refugee gets a job is the moment they stop being a refugee. I’m so proud that the companies stepping up today, including Teleperformance, will help Ukrainian women and other refugees across Europe stand on their own two feet, giving them a chance to live lives of dignity.”

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