Paving the Way Towards Education for All in India

Teleperformance - 09.27.2023

Teleperformance remains committed to making education available for all and focuses on spreading the importance of education, raising awareness and taking action in order to help children learn and thrive towards a better future.

With our commitment to make a better and fairer world for all, we are honored to have forged in 2022 a three-year partnership with UNICEF to support their education programs for children in India. Looking back to the past year, we are truly grateful to have contributed to UNICEF’s mission to ensure the right to education for the most vulnerable children.

Enabling Learning Continuity After the Pandemic

India was heavily affected by a learning crisis that stemmed from the pandemic. In UNICEF’s report, it was stated that the pandemic heightened the learning crisis with most children at primary level having lost or forgotten basic math and language skills. 

Furthermore, net enrollment rates drop after grade 5 and grade 8. In the last year, the support of Teleperformance to UNICEF’s education programs in India had allowed to improve this situation. With the aim to prioritize learning continuity, UNICEF has started a new Program Cycle 2023-2027, UNICEF prioritized learning continuity, and expedited the quality of education delivery in several areas in India through the following:

  • Foundational Literacy and Numeracy: The program helped children get ready for school by focusing on teaching pre-literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Investing in STEM and digital skills for girls: To ensure no one gets left behind, this program allows girls to increase their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and digital skills.
  • Digital learning: In a country driven by technology, this program equips learners with the right knowledge to prepare them for a digital future.
  • Future-ready skills and coding and creativity: The program improves adolescents’ future-ready skills through career guidance, offering STEM opportunities, and a digital portal across India.

Key Results

With Teleperformance’s support in particular, UNICEF reached 4.6 million students (including 46% girls) and trained 114,500 teachers (including 42% women). In addition, UNICEF activated various career guidance programs, including a career portal that was launched across 15 states[1].


Amit’s story: “I found I can become a journalist”


These programs supported many children and young people in India, taking them closer in reaching their goals and dreams. Amit Kumar, a grade 11 student from the Dhaulpur district, is one of those children. “I used to struggle alone or with my friends in getting proper guidance on career options. There were some senior students who used to go to Agra or Jaipur for further studies, (and they) were the only limited source I had for career information,” Amit shared. “I checked in the career portal and found that I can become a journalist after doing my graduation with political science, and some good colleges are close to my place.”

Through UNICEF’s career portal, Amit was able to explore many career options and opportunities.

Now I have multiple options in life and when I discuss these with my parents, they feel happy and confident about my life. Thanks to my teachers and school principal who guided me to the career portal.


The portal enabled students to explore different career options and job opportunities. Complementing the portal were face-to-face initiatives in schools and communities that encouraged students to learn and develop basic skills including self-awareness, research skills, goalsetting, decision-making, networking, and communication skills.


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[1] UNICEF India, 2022 report

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