Ready, Set, Bot! It's Time for TP Botathon 2021

Teleperformance - 03.11.2020

Teleperformance continues to empower our employees through creating a work environment that invites sharing of ideas and constant collaboration. As of the moment, our “All Ideas Matter” initiative is in full swing, and we have already received countless of innovative and impactful ideas from our employees all over the world who want to make a positive change. Thank you to those who have participated and wishing you luck with your submitted ideas!

Moving forward, we believe that our people can be visionaries, and together, the future is just within our reach. Right now, we are seeing how automation is assisting and complementing the human workforce, continuously working together to make processes, operations, and interactions simpler, faster, safer, and accurate. Automation is truly a key driver in advancing the digital workforce to boost agility, productivity, and improve responsiveness in order to satisfy the changing demands and needs of consumers today.

This is why we are excited to share another initiative that would definitely bolster our passion for innovation—TP Botathon! TP Botathon, a tournament supported by our partners Automation Anywhere and UiPath, aims to promote the automation culture within Teleperformance. This global event is truly for our employees who want to leverage automation to improve how business is done!

Fueled by our proven standard of harnessing the power of the human workforce and balancing it with technology, we know that TP Botathon is a high-tech, high-touch way of driving automation within our organization. Through the TP Botathon tournament, participants are able to:

-  Experience how easy it is to build a bot in your own environment
-  Promote the digital workforce and work with robotic process automation
-  Gather and enable resources to get a feel for automation capabilities
-  Develop ideas across multiple business areas
-  Discover latent automation opportunities

And most importantly, have fun!

TP Botathon is open to Teleperformance employees worldwide who are interested in learning more about automation and building their own bots. The tournament will have three evaluation stages and will be judged by a top-level global jury. The best automation projects will receive prizes!

Got what it takes to automate the future? The TP Botathon tournament is your chance to showcase your skills in automation! Submit your ideas to (link) or contact us here (link) for more information.

Continue reading below to learn the specifics on how to join the tournament, and what you need to do to get ready, set, bot!

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