Support and Stability for Our Trust and Safety Employees

Teleperformance - 02.09.2023

Content moderator mental health matters to us, which is why we constantly strengthen our efforts to foster a safe environment for our trust and safety employees globally. In a recent Trust and Safety Global Experience Survey conducted by Korn Ferry, 93% of Teleperformance content moderators say that they are supported, with 90% also stating that the company provides a safe working environment.

Korn Ferry, a global organizational consulting firm, received responses received from 10,390 trust and safety employees at Teleperformance. The third-party global review took place between December 2022 to January 2023.  The responses from trust and safety employees were gathered through an online survey, virtual focus groups, and in-person focus groups in Bogota, Lisbon, and Athens – all locations with a high concentration of content moderators. 

Employee feedback from focus groups showed that stability, a positive work environment, and growth opportunities are the key themes that make trust and safety employees stay at Teleperformance. In addition, the survey found that 95% of employees agree that Teleperformance provides adequate training to perform their jobs well.

Furthermore, the survey showed that employee satisfaction ratings among Teleperformance content moderators are above the benchmarked average for 600+ companies.   

Protecting the well-being and content moderator health of our content moderation teams is our top priority. Teleperformance is committed in supporting our content moderators by:

  • Offering proactive wellness support under a comprehensive wellness framework
  • Providing flexibility, in terms of locations and hours, for better work-life balance
  • Focusing on career development and growth of employees through an established Trust and Safety Training Academy, allowing our people to learn and develop in their positions

Teleperformance continues to strengthen our commitment to the development, safety, content moderator health, and wellness of our trust and safety teams. We will work with our people from across the globe, striving for continuous progress in helping our trust and safety employees feel supported and prepared as they carry out their critical task of driving internet safety.

Click here to read our infographic and explore key insights taken from Korn Ferry’s Trust and Safety Global Experience Survey.

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