Supporting the Youth Today to Pave a Brighter Future

Teleperformance - 07.15.2022

As a Force of Good, Teleperformance’s commitment to making a positive impact on countless lives never wavers. For us, learning and developing new skills is a right and not a privilege – thus, we never stop extending a helping hand to guide our communities and the youth of today towards a brighter future.

At Teleperformance, we believe that providing the right training ground for the youth is the first step in nurturing the next generation of leaders. This is why we have expressed our support to the Central American Service Corps (CASC). The CASC initiative aims to provide young people in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras with paid community service opportunities, mentorship, and a path to future employment.


Fortifying Teleperformance’s Commitment to Empowering the Youth

According to the official press release, the youth “will be offered opportunities to work in their own communities on local priorities such as educational support and tutoring, climate action, food security, green jobs, health education and services, violence prevention, and other civic-engagement activities.” In addition, the CASC “will engage youth in local service opportunities, provide a modest stipend, offer work and life skills acquisition, and enhance young people’s sense of rootedness and commitment to their communities.”

Our partnership with the CASC is aligned with our vision of a diverse, equal, and inclusive world. By supporting the CASC, Teleperformance is able to empower the youth by opening career opportunities while also providing key training and development. Furthermore, we are able to solidify our impact sourcing initiative, where we hire and provide career development opportunities to people who otherwise have limited prospects for formal employment, including first-time workers. In 2021, Teleperformance has created over 30,000 net jobs, with more than 15% of Teleperformance’s workforce being impact workers from minority groups or disadvantaged communities, who are now empowered to improve their standard of living.

Our continued commitment to inclusion also strengthens our vision of a brighter future for the youth, paving the way for first-time workers to feel a sense of belonging and build confidence in the workplace. We look forward to supporting young people in Central America by providing better work opportunities – giving them room to grow and develop independently towards having a better quality of life for themselves and for their loved ones.

We are proud to take a great step towards a better and fairer world with the CASC! Together, we remain steadfast in making a positive impact on thousands of lives.

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