Teleperformance for UNICEF: Supporting Children and Their Families in Ukraine

Teleperformance - 04.29.2022


Teleperformance response to the war in Ukraine 

The crisis in Ukraine continues to have a catastrophic and significant impact on the lives of children and families in the country. Today, more than ever—we need to stand together and be united under one goal: to provide unprecedented support and care to our brothers and sisters in Ukraine throughout a difficult time. 

Teleperformance continues to monitor the well-being of its employees in Ukraine, along with their families. We remain committed to supporting their safety and well-being in this critical time. We are one with Ukraine, and we are with its people in wishing for better days ahead. ​

Teleperformance supporting children and families in Ukraine ​

With this, Teleperformance has pledged to support the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and neighboring countries.  Teleperformance will be donating 500,000 USD to UNICEF* to help them scale up life-saving programs for children across Ukraine and in its neighboring countries. ​

This donation is part of our recently formed partnership with UNICEF that allows us to envision a greater reach, helping us make a positive difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable children.  ​

As of 19 April, over 5 million refugees have fled Ukraine. UNICEF estimates that over 2 million refugees are children, many are separated or unaccompanied. ​

Teleperformance committed to provide financial assistance, which will help support the organization’s emergency response, which includes: ​

  • The provision of safe water, healthcare, education, and protection
  • Ensuring the provision of emergency supplies, including health supplies, hygiene kits, education, and recreation supplies for children and adolescents, in addition to winter clothing
  • “Blue Dots” hubs, which UNICEF have set up with UNHCR in neighboring countries to provide a safe space for children and their families, vital services, play, protection, and counselling. The hubs support vulnerable families on the move, especially the many unaccompanied or separated children at risk of sickness, trauma, violence, exploitation, and trafficking​

Teleperformance continues to be united in hope, compassion, and action together by supporting UNICEF. ​



*UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand, product, or service. ​



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