TikTok Event: The Future of Fun has Landed on Teleperformance

Teleperformance - 05.04.2022

As we continuously seek more ways to let the distance bring us all together through this TikTok event, Teleperformance paves the way for our employees to connect with one another and shine through For Fun Festival (FFF). 

A global celebration of talent, diversity, expression, and most importantly—fun—FFF is Teleperformance’s annual competition that recognizes the unique and creative talent of our employees around the world. Last year, the competition went fully digital as our employees showcased their talents in music, art, and dance. The 2021 FFF reaped massive results, resulting in a lot of interactions, recognitions, and a lot of smiles.

This year, FFF is about to go fully digital and about to get even bigger. And it’s only getting better and brighter from here! Promoted on TikTok, the future of fun has officially landed, kicking off with the launch of the 2022 FFF that took place in the metaverse last April 22!

Technology and fun truly came together to make the launch of the 2022 a night to remember. Set in the metaverse, the 2022 FFF launch became a unique global experience that allowed our 420,000-strong workforce to come together, let loose, and have some fun despite the distance. The launch promised an evening of fun, including a treasure hunt for a chance to win free NFT wearables, a DJ set by DJ Harrison First, and a big reveal that featured a Grammy-award winner musical guest. Here is a video featuring highlights from the 2022 FFF launch:

Teleperformance is delighted to have celebrated an evening of fun with you in the metaverse as we officially launched this year’s FFF! We are looking forward to seeing you share your passion and talent shining on this TikTok event, as FFF continues to set a virtual and digital worldwide stage that brings our employees, their loved ones, and all of us closer in the spirit of competition and fun.

The 2022 FFF will run throughout the year and will be hosted exclusively on TikTok and Instagram Reels. For complete contest rules, details, and information, visit Teleperformance on TikTok:

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