The New Face of Finance: Accelerated FinTech Adoption in the New Normal

Teleperformance - 07.03.2020

These tumultuous times are concerning for all of us, but they also provide an opportunity for change and positive disruption. As I reflect on the needs of clients and identify areas for opportunity, I realize that financial services are at an inflection point, and a disruption in payments and a digital shift was occurring.

Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, consumers now demand a more convenient and secure way of banking. Physical banking is becoming less common. And, as we move forward, the digitalization of systems, processes, and services will continue at a rapid pace. Before the crisis, utilization was slow. But now, consumer adoption is accelerating and the need for digital transformation is driven by the growing need for contactless transactions. FinTechs had already begun to erode traditional models, and COVID-19 has now imposed an even faster rate of change.

Before COVID-19, scale and customer trust were the main reasons why financial services organizations found it more challenging to reach customers who were more accustomed to cash transactions and in-person banking. Now, as we navigate the crisis, the FinTech industry is expanding and becoming even more globally relevant. At the same time, FinTech companies are rethinking and redesigning processes for business continuity in unprecedented ways.

More automated banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) requires more intelligent solutions

With digital solutions that span the entire customer journey, it’s easier to reach new markets, attract more customers, and ensure higher satisfaction and retention. And, with integrated front and back-office support, companies can establish the right foundation for satisfying the current needs of cardholders, point-of-sale providers, processors, acquirers, merchants, and more.

How is Teleperformance helping in the new normal?

In response to these changing behaviors and preferences, there are strategic opportunities for leveraging digital solutions and technology, analytics, and process excellence to provide end-to-end solutions for the BFSI sector.

1. Virtual – Leverage a robust network of global hubs & expertise to scale talent quickly across continents
2. Omnichannel – Communicate with customers anytime and on any of their desired channels
3. Predictive Analysis – Intelligently identify your best prospects and customers, while growing wallet share
4. Voice of the Customer – Leverage multilingual services to cater to all of your customer language needs
5. Plug & Play – Increase customer satisfaction with smarter and automated offers for services at the right time

Optimized resources and drive cost efficiencies while delivering unsurpassed service to clients.

  • Top Call Driver Certification Analysis – Identify the main reasons for customer contact. Our analysis in the financial sector resulted in intelligent automation and self-help options, leading to more than 20% reduction in call volume for a leading bank.
  • Top Call Driver Certification Processes – Improve early lifecycle, speed-to-proficiency for newly onboarded employees, resulting in a 15% net improvement in speed-to-proficiency versus the baseline.
  • Newly-developed tools and resources -- Address the economic and crisis-related implications to the business. For example, we’ve developed workout remediation services that can lead to 25-50% savings over debt collection.

Resilience is critical for business continuity.

Customer demands are changing rapidly, and FinTech companies must adapt at the same pace. As an agile business services partner, Teleperformance offers custom, end-to-end solutions for smarter, user-friendly, and contactless services from anywhere in the world.

It also provides an opportunity to reflect on BCP planning, and focus on how we can best support next-gen virtualization. We must continue to innovate and adapt, which is why we’ve developed our new TP Cloud Campus model to attract the best, work-at-home talent from anywhere the world – leveraging centralized support and management teams to drive greater operational efficiencies and quality control.

I’ll share more as our solutions evolve.  In the meantime, please know that we are leaning in, proactively adapting to changing business models, market disruptions, and evolving customer needs.

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