The Race to Reignite CX: The Secret to Thriving in the New Normal

Daniel Julien, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Teleperformance - 10.01.2020

In business, much like in life, the road isn’t always straight and steady. The landscape is crowded and there are twists, turns, bumps, and curves that force us to reassess our surroundings and make quick judgment calls. Navigating the unexpected has always been part of our daily reality. Yet some adversities are far more daunting than others, making us look deep within for the strength and resolve to overcome them.

2020 has been a year like no other. It has shaken industries, and entire economies, to their very core. It has forced all of us – not just as professionals, but as people – to confront some very real and momentous challenges. No one has escaped unscathed. But it’s those who choose to see beyond the obstacles and look to the horizon ahead – capturing the moment and opportunity at hand – that will emerge victorious.

In a Formula 1 or Indy Car race, the track is always crowded with leaders – true, seasoned competitors watching and waiting… Anticipating their opponent’s next move. This is especially true when approaching a curve on the track or bend in the road. Every move, turn, and gear shift is strategic and calculated. And, the moment they begin to emerge from a turn, they hug the corner and accelerate through it with technical precision. Most will use the momentum to their advantage – but some will undershoot.

CX is now turning a corner. The global crisis has forever altered the way customers choose to engage, and how agents work. Companies – even the most established brands – have reached a crossroads. This extraordinary moment in time will undoubtedly separate the leaders from the followers – rewarding those who look beyond mere survival – and instead seize the opportunity to thrive.

Though earlier this year caused us all to pump the brakes – understandably so in the interest of human health and safety – we’re now able to see beyond the slowdown. And it’s those that continue to look -- and move -- forward who will succeed in a post-COVID world.

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Like countless others, US-based food delivery service company, Grubhub, swiftly migrated their full CX workforce to a remote environment during the pandemic. Faced with a surge in demand, they also had to quickly expand their workforce by nearly 20%. Anticipating that the transition would negatively impact business metrics, Grubhub was thrilled to see their work-at-home model result in KPI improvements across the board. So much so, in fact, they’ve chosen to remain remote.

So that should be the end of their story…right? They’re achieving positive results. To coin the American phrase – ‘if it isn’t broken, why fix it?’. It’s good enough.

Not for Grubhub.

Continuous innovation has always been the hallmark of our partnership with Grubhub. It’s what sets them apart. They know that there is no place for complacency when you’re a leading brand and want to stay ahead. So, never willing to stand still, Grubhub is already finding ways to optimize their existing platform with our innovative and efficient Cloud Campus model.

Now is Grubhub’s moment to accelerate through the curve – with their eyes on the horizon ahead. Is it yours?

Grubhub is also sharing their experience with our guests in next week’s sixth Leader Insight Forum (LIF), Digital Experiences Reignited. We are excited to host five, action-packed days of insights, lessons learned, and predictions for the future of CX and BPM with global leaders like Grubhub, Flipkart, BCG, HSBC, Dropbox, Mercado Libre and many more. Spanning all geographies, and all industries, this unique, digital experience will confront today’s most profound and relevant topics, assembling a renowned panel of CX experts.

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