The Right Partnership: Accelerating Transformation with Successful Collaboration

Paul Joustra - 07.29.2022

For over four decades, Teleperformance has created partnerships that are built on trust. Together with our partners, we envision a future that is fueled by simpler, faster, and safer interactions. We are committed to innovation through collaboration and transformation, and we continuously explore every opportunity to deliver CX excellence.

Today, in a supercharged ecosystem where change is inevitable, collaboration between providers and partners has reached its pinnacle. Enabling innovation through collaboration requires the best of both worlds: Teleperformance’s proven expertise that has elevated the customer experience for over four decades, and from our partners, technology that pushes boundaries.

Our Partner Ecosystem

Teleperformance continues to work together with companies that are aligned with our passion for innovation and digital transformation. For many years, our partnerships have resulted in our clients achieving and exceeding business goals.

Transformation is at the very core of Teleperformance’s solutions. We have successfully developed, analyzed, reshaped, and accelerated our digital capabilities with the help of our industry-leading partners that go above and beyond with us to overcome any challenge. We have aligned the traditional with today’s emerging digital ecosystems through successful collaborations. Our strategy to accelerate innovation through collaboration together with our partner network is centered on our key services:

  • Digital CX: CX redesign and transformation which includes experience-design operations such as journey mapping, omnichannel frictionless interaction architecture, and Voice of Customer and Voice of Business. We also leverage future-proof analytics and AI solutions that harness behavioral and cognitive insights, interaction analytics, and data- and analytics-driven personalization
  • Back office: Platform transformation through user experience analytics. Working with our partners, we leverage the power of user experience analytics and intelligent automation. Transformation opportunities are explored through Future State Design, benchmarking, and process mining
  • Sales and collections: Sales and collections transformation featuring digital content management and marketing, as well as lead generation, predictive analytics, recommendation platforms, and debt collection platforms
  • Trust and safety: Content moderation in social media, in gaming, and the metaverse. We implement our partners’ data labeling capabilities across several industries, namely in healthcare, automotive, and retail and e-commerce

It Takes Two: How TP and Our Partners are Elevating CX

Our strategic partnerships extend Teleperformance’s technology and business capabilities to deliver impactful outcomes for our clients. We foster an open and collaborative environment to achieve excellence and drive exceptional business results for our clients.

Our technology partnership with Twilio
has empowered us to interact and engage with customers on any channel at any time, allowing our interaction experts to support them whenever, wherever. Through our successful collaboration with Twilio, we were able to deploy a Voice2Messaging and an AI digital assistant solution for globally renowned electronics giant Samsung in just two weeks. The results? 20% of voice interactions were deflected to WhatsApp, enabling our AI digital assistant to automate 90% of those incoming conversations. Furthermore, our collaboration paved way for Samsung to save costs while improving the NPS by about 5%.

Powered by our partner CallMiner
, Teleperformance continues to help our clients navigate today’s digital environment through interaction analytics and automation. We have rapidly accelerated our clients’ digital transformation efforts, resulting in exceptional customer experiences. Working together with CallMiner, we designed and implemented a digital transformation strategy to help European digital advertising company Solocal achieve its three goals: increase telesales conversion rates, design new work processes, and increase staff productivity. The strategy deployed utilized AI-based business applications, accelerated coaching methods, and action planning for rapid improvements. The partnership resulted in improved numbers – 36% increase in sales conversion rates, 11% reduction in churn language, 7% reduction in DSAT (dissatisfaction) language, and a 24% reduction in repeated call rates.

In today’s digital-first world, innovation through collaboration go hand in hand – and one cannot always walk alone. As customers evolve, the relationship between providers and partners must also follow suit, and both should strive for richer collaborations that open the avenues for mutual overall growth and exceptional experiences for today’s customers.

Interested in becoming a Teleperformance technology partner? Next-gen transformation and empowered collaboration await. Join us in harnessing the power of human connections through technology outsourcing and innovation.
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