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Teleperformance - 07.18.2022

Teleperformance Digital is the digital innovation arm of Teleperformance. At TP Digital, our mission is to explore the full potential of how Artificial Intelligence can be combined with human-centric CX to deliver outstanding, intuitive experiences for our clients and their end customers, as well as our employees and partners through our proprietary framework known as T.A.P.

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This proven, collaborative approach combines advanced technologies, intelligent insights and deep domain and process knowledge with Lean Six Sigma and Design Thinking to provide the foundation our TP Digital consultants to develop and execute bespoke transformation and innovation roadmaps for our clients.

Our advanced, proven methodologies, proprietary tools, and data-driven insights can accelerate digital transformation for brands around the world, across any industry. Our team of over 2000 seasoned T.A.P. experts around the world helps clients execute a wide variety of digital transformation programs on a daily basis.



  • Robotic Process Automation solutions eliminate manual, repetitive tasks so that humans can focus on High Touch services that require greater empathy
  • Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing-powered Digital Assistants augment the human workforce
  • Gamification and Simulation-based solutions offer training and live operations that motivate employees and drive up human productivity
  • Video CX and Voice-to-Messaging solutions offer end customers a seamless, multi-channel experience
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality provide new ways for brands to engage with customers



  • Predictive models improve sales conversions and debt collections
  • Customer Interaction Analytics predict customer sentiment and help to anticipate customer behaviors
  • Data-driven insights take the guesswork out of CX and increase retention, reduce complaints, and improve net promoter scores


Process Excellence

  • Lean Six Sigma disciplines eliminate non-value adding activities and reduce cycle times
  • Target Operating Model designs help clients deploy lean, digital operations to support sustainable, long-term growth
  • CX benchmarking and customer journey mapping uncovers new ways to serve our clients’ end customers


The last few years have witnessed disruption in industries and businesses of all shapes and sizes. At TP Digital, we genuinely believe that every disruption presents an opportunity. We have been leveraging T.A.P. to make our client delivery operations more resilient than ever before, embracing new CX platforms such as messaging in a big way, embedding analytics to make our operations more intelligent, and introducing automation to free up human agents so they can focus on adding value to the end customer.

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