TP Gen AI Soars Higher

Teleperformance - 10.26.2023

As more and more companies fuel their business strategies and environments with the latest technologies, Teleperformance is committed to helping businesses adapt to master the future through digital business services that enable brands and companies to transform their business.

In today’s fast-paced environment, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to take great strides. At Teleperformance, we find ways to innovate while elevating the experiences of our clients’ customers. Our proprietary technology Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence (TAP) has enabled efficiency, accuracy, speed, and continuous improvement for our employees and our clients. In order to meet the growing and changing expectations of customers, we have harnessed our AI-powered service portfolio and generative AI to inspire customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and better employee experiences.

For our efforts, Teleperformance is grateful to be honored at the Asian Experience Awards 2023. We are happy to share that the TP Gen AI tool has been recognized in the prestigious “Digital Experience of the Year (India)” category for the use of generative AI technology in travel and hospitality, an achievement that truly inspires us to continue delivering the most advanced, digitally powered business services to help the world’s best brands streamline their business in meaningful and sustainable ways.

The award highlighted and recognized TP Gen AI’s overall capabilities that helped our client – one of North America’s leading travel and hospitality companies – achieve improved results. TP Gen AI integrated generative AI technology with GPT-3, securely assisting frontline experts through a knowledge base to help customers and offer service with speed and accuracy.

For the client, Teleperformance implemented the following during the early stages:

  • Uploaded client’s knowledge base into TP Gen AI, allowing frontline experts to type what they want to ask
  • Implemented the TP Gen AI bot to find and filter the appropriate information or answers from the knowledge base

Within two months, TP Gen AI was able to:

  • Reduce agent assist queue volume by 2% for the month
  • Improve Average Handling Time by ~1 minute
  • Improve customer satisfaction as a result of customers being put less on hold

Congratulations to our teams for another achievement! Together, we are #ProudtobeTP.

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