Transform Your Business to Drive Sustainable Growth

Sidharth Mukherjee - 11.20.2020

Across the globe, COVID-19 played a pivotal role in turning “digital transformation” from a mere option into a mandatory requirement. The pandemic sped up the business decision to shift strategies to increase agility, enhance efficiencies, and reach consumers despite physical barriers.

However, companies that execute transformation initiatives still struggle with roadblocks, leading to massive effort but with few rewards. The lack of structure, strategy, or tools can cause a brand’s transformation to crash and burn, making business executives lose faith in innovation.

Overcoming these challenges is possible by combining comprehensive knowledge, the right methodologies, and a well-designed action plan. 


We rethink how to bring value to your business.

At the heart of transformation is the desire to generate value and give new life to enterprises. In our more than 40 years of experience in the business, we have learned the importance of identifying opportunities and quickly adapting to the constant disruptions in various markets. Maximizing this ability, we deliver initiatives to transform your business and help companies re-engineer their operations and unlock value in an ever-changing business landscape.

We place high importance on a tailor-made approach and practical solutions, with maximum impact and quick turnaround. To accomplish this, we focus on customer experience and quality service by leveraging future-ready technologies, customized solutions, organizational designs, omnichannel engagement, and dedicated support across the development and deployment life cycle so that companies stand out and stay ahead. 


We developed a framework that empowers companies to build a sustainable transformation program.

T.A.P.™ is Teleperformance’s proprietary transformation framework. It is an amalgamation of our capabilities in the fields of Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence. Supported by over 750 T.A.P.™ experts worldwide, this framework harnesses technology to deliver efficiencies through intelligent automation, digitization, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning; analytics to generate actionable insights from vast amounts of customer interaction data and speech analytics; and process excellence to improve effectiveness and efficiency — from the development of target operating models to the implementation of large-scale transformation programs. Our initiatives to transform your business work horizontally across all our service offerings: Customer Experience Consulting, Digital Transformation, Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics, Operational Strategy and Best Practices, Workforce Optimization, Interaction Analytics, Business Research, and Project Management and Deployment.


We support companies throughout the business life cycle.

Transformation is more than just technology — it is also about continuous learning and knowledge application to ensure that transformation efforts thrive. That is why we have established a stepped approach to help companies identify the root cause of transformation roadblocks and eventually develop a customized solution that addresses those roadblocks, all the while keeping in mind the cost of operations and risk and compliance.

We combine Lean Six Sigma and Design Thinking to define the scope, objectives, key stakeholders, and business requirements needed to reach goals; diagnose the current state using data gathering, hypothesis building and validation, and process analysis to identify opportunities; design the future state using the rapid creation of a prototype to finalize the transformation roadmap; develop the solution for testing and prepare a risk mitigation plan before deployment; implement the solution using a phased deployment plan to capture and analyze operational data for improvement; sustain the performance using constant monitoring and application of a control plan for benchmarking and enhancing business readiness for any contingency. 


We embrace future-readiness. 

As demands and technologies shift, so must business processes. Ensuring operational readiness depends on a structure that delivers value to customers and improves their journey. To achieve true business resilience, our future services structure relies on the four pillars of our vision of the new normal:

  • Global Sourcing: With our worldwide presence and work-at-home capabilities, we can source knowledge and skills that transcend geographies.

  • Digital Channels: Our cloudshoring solutions provide efficient team connectivity and CX management, with proven results. 

  • Cloud Campus: Leading the remote work revolution, our Cloud Campus is a robust and feature-rich environment for our global workforce.

  • Intelligent Automation: Our domain expertise, combined with smart innovations like AI, advanced analytics, and robotic process automation (RPA), presents the right balance of high-tech and high-touch.


Transform Your Business: We deliver concrete results. 

When properly executed, transformation and innovation can deliver multiple benefits, such as cost-efficiency, streamlined business processes, and enhanced service delivery across the board. One great example is the sales transformation exercise we did in mid-2020 for a Portuguese bank, resulting in $20M of incremental revenue, while reducing the cost of sales by $1M. Another example is the automation of group booking forms using RPA for a leading airline, which resulted in a 13-minute reduction in average handling time and $600K in savings.


As companies move toward a more digital future, choosing the right partner can accelerate efforts to transform your business using actionable insights, a well-developed framework, and a future-proof approach. Contact us to learn more about our business transformation service and our technology outsourcing industry.

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