Winning the Recruiting Race through Remote Work

Teleperformance - 09.05.2022

Previously implemented as a safety measure during the start of the global pandemic, the work-at-home (WAH) model has firmly established its steadfast presence over time – a key to unlocking employee happiness, and a crucial component in hiring and retaining talent. According to our white paper “Winning the Recruiting Race,” 20% of workers say that they’d take another job for the same pay, prioritizing other factors like flexible work models.

“The Great Resignation”

The recruitment landscape has reached a plateau after the pandemic, especially after unemployment rates reached rock bottom. Recruiting the right talent has become a challenge as a result of the stiff competition in the job market. Furthermore, retaining talent has become difficult, leading to what experts dubbed as “the great resignation.”

So, how can organizations beat the great resignation? According to key data taken from the 2022 Teleperformance WAH Employee Survey, there is a silver lining: offering flexible work options to job hunters, and having a permanent remote work strategy.

From more than 127,000 employee survey responses across 42 countries, remote work clearly presents an advantage. The numbers don’t lie: 90% of all Teleperformance employees prefer to work remotely (exclusively or mostly.) The top three benefits are commute time savings, elimination of commute expenses, and better work life balance. In the same survey, 84% of Teleperformance employees feel a stronger sense of work-life balance working from home.


Getting to daycare used to take 90 minutes from work. But it only takes 30 minutes from home. It allows me to maintain my lifestyle with a healthy rhythm. – Rene A., Head of HR at Teleperformance in Japan


While the future of work remains to be seen, it has become evident that remote work has greatly improved the employee experience.

Beyond Borders: Enabling Remote Work to Empower Recruiters

Organizations must then enable a WAH model to attract, empower, and retain talent. According to our white paper, recent experience has proven that its benefits remain evident:

  • Significantly expands the talent pool
  • Identifies higher-qualified candidates
  • Accelerates hiring timelines
  • Increases employee retention and tenure

At Teleperformance, we designed our Cloud Campus, our proven WAH model that provides the agility needed to adapt to changing business needs and employee preferences. Cloud Campus is designed from the ground up and features a robust, synthesized work environment – a virtual office in a secure cloud. It is our revolutionary approach for hiring, managing, and optimizing remote teams, allowing us to attract more talented candidates while also providing the right tools, processes, technologies, and best practices for establishing high-performing WAH teams. By eliminating geographic hiring boundaries, Teleperformance sees beyond borders, paving way for us to accelerate implementation and fortify recruitment processes – and in the long-term – create more fulfilling experiences for our employees.


Gain detailed remote work insights from our free white paper “Winning the Recruiting Race” by clicking here!

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