Going Digital: Transforming for the Future

Bhupender Singh - 11.11.2019

‘Digital’ is the talk of the town. From seminars to blogs, meetings to informal coffee discussion, we hear about digital technologies, digital transformation, digital marketing, and more. All this talk has compelled organizations to disrupt or be disrupted.

Every company residing in today’s technological age must have come to a point when a decision to undergo digital transformation has to be made: to make a leap of faith into the digital waters, to see how deep it will take them, and hope it will reward them with something greater. What’s interesting is that it’s not the companies that are driving this change; instead, this metamorphosis is initiated by CUSTOMERS.

Your customers are online, and if you are not, you don’t exist to them. To match up with the always-connected customers, companies needs to welcome technology with open arms. Transforming your company to adapt and adhere to all the latest digital technology can be a detailed, meticulous, and long process. Nowadays, the customer service industry is learning how to use all the latest technology, counting on it for speed and accuracy. Organizations are stepping up in finding more ways to personalize customer support.

For successful digital transformation to take place, it has to start with a leader who is open to the idea of change and evolution. It should also be accompanied by strong organizational support, and a concrete vision of how technology can be most utilized by the company and its people. In a world where the digital landscape surrounds us, it is important to know that people matter, that a humanized digital customer experience results in customer satisfaction and service excellence. An agile business process and business model must be present in order to harness the benefits of technology, analytics, and processes. The human touch should never be discounted, and should instead be fortified through developing employee skill-sets and their soft skills, and creating a diverse and inclusive culture for them to thrive in.

According to Digital Business Research Report by IDG,

  • 91% of organizations have adopted, or have plans to adopt, a “digital-first” business strategy
  • 67% of organizations place better customer experiences within their top five objectives for their digital transformation efforts.
  • 48% organizations have already adopted a ‘digital-first’ approach,
  • 52% is still trying to guide their firms through the pitfalls of this digital age

At Teleperformance, we strive for a better customer experience. By focusing on digital technologies, we take our expertise in customer experience management to the next level, and now on our way towards becoming the global leader in digitally integrated business services. We are united in our goal to make each interaction simpler, faster, and better.

Are you ready to take the digital plunge?


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