Omnichannel-Today’s Millennials are Defining the Future of Cx

Teleperformance - 06.02.2017

The last decade and more recent five years have given sufficient testimony that how we communicate is undergoing disruption. With the newfound digital exposure, there is tremendous scope for companies to improve their customer service and customer experience journey.

Millennials, born between 1980 and 2000, are responsible for driving the digital transformation that we witness today. They are smarter, have different expectations and are often ahead of the curve from their forerunners. An article published in Parature.com states that 78% of 18 – 34-year old consumers expect a customer service agent to know their contact and product information as well as service history when they contact a brand, compared to 72% across all age groups and 66% of consumers aged 55+.

As for everything in life, millennials are about the mindset that redefines MORE. They bring more energy to the table, they are ready to pay more for a better service and they also ask for more as consumers, changing the face of customer experience. Millennials dominate the Cx paradigm and are redefining the way brands interact and treat their customers. They don’t need more customer service but demand better customer experience.

So, is your business’ Cx strategy ready for them?

According to Teleperformance, a majority of businesses believe that they provide exceptional customer service but studies show that not even half their customers agree. From our four decades rich experience as the worldwide leaders in omnichannel customer experience, we can help.

Make them love your brand – 2017 Top 10 Customer Experience Trends That Can Prepare You For The Future

1. A brand with a purpose is everyone’s favorite: Brands that stand for more than their bottom line receive more love from millennials in form of brand loyalty and revenues, research says.

2. Omnichannel Cx strategy pays: Millennials demand a seamless experience while interacting with a brand irrespective of the channels they are using, be it voice or digital mediums like chat, social media and online forums. According to the Teleperformance Cx Lab global survey 2016, researched in 11 countries and 15 sectors, voice is the most used and preferred channel with 66% weightage to contact customer service, and digital channels like email, web forms, live chat, social media, mobile apps, click-to-call, and SMS are being used by a higher number of customers increasingly as per past trends. A brand with an omnichannel customer experience strategy is sure to win given this scenario.

3. 24*7 or nothing at all: The era of nine-to-five customer service is over. Millennials want everything NOW! Round-the-clock service is as necessary for a brand as it is to have a good quality product.

4. Value and experience win over price: Millennials are always willing to pay more for a customized product or service. According to insightsquared.com, 58% of customers are willing to spend more on companies that provide excellent customer service. Customer experience is a real differentiator for brands to create a long-term relationship with the customer.

5. Relationships are a game changer: Millennials don’t shy away from supporting something they truly believe in, and they expect their favorite brands to do the same. As a brand, you need to have an opinion or share your experience or story to build a relationship with customers.

6. More involvement, more proximity: Customer voices are the greatest source of data in today’s world. The millennial customers are not mere spectators. They like to get involved in the process of making a product or service whether it is a new flavor of chips or how effective is a particular beauty product, they need to be kept involved with your brand. Asking for feedbacks regularly, crowd sourcing ideas for new products or services and knowing the customer insights can help brands a great deal in building brand loyalty.

7. Offer the next level, BE THE NEXT LEVEL: The six levels of customer service strategy by Ron Kauffman from 2012 is often relevant in every scenario of life and to every brand. Always strive for surprising your customers and giving them the unbelievable experience to keep them coming back to you.

8. Build trust by being proactive: Brands need to be proactive in spotting problems and fixing them quickly, even before the customer notices it, to create trust and confidence.

9. Chatbots can complement your conversation strategy: Millennials want everything instantly and automated software such as chatbots can help initiate conversation with no delay and hand off the conversation to a customer care executive as required.

10. Organizational transformation around CX is a future, already here: Traditional organizations are often built around revenues and profits instead of customers. This mindset shift is required to better align processes and purpose of the organization. In the new realm, Employee Experience = Customer Experience. The more aligned you are to the needs of the employees, the better they’ll serve your customers.

It is no secret that customer service has a direct impact on customer loyalty. According to our CX survey the more channels a customer uses, the more likely he/she is to recommend a brand. The change in strategy from being a multichannel to an omnichannel organization can bring about a positive revolution for a business and you too can join this bandwagon if not yet done and Teleperformance can help. Interacting with more than 40% of the world’s population when providing customer service, we are the global omnichannel Cx experts.

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Contributors: Neha Sethi @nehacsethi

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