Teleperformance in Indias Culture Helps Businesses Achieve Success

Fabiano Toller - 09.12.2017

Workplace culture plays an important role in business success. Teleperformance in India understands this connection and has consistently improved employee satisfaction to deliver exceptional service.

Our mission at Teleperformance is to deliver an outstanding customer experience at every single opportunity. Our purpose is to exceed customer expectations; it’s the reason why we do, what we do.

Interacting with 40% of the world’s population annually, Teleperformance and its operations in India build deeper emotional connections in the workplace. Trust aligns employees to the overall company culture. This helps develop happy employees who greet each other with warmth and treat other people kindly, thus creating an overall positive environment.

Beyond a paycheck

Because many traditional boundaries which existed between the professional and personal lives of people have been redrawn, many people are looking beyond income, towards how companies behave in the world and how leadership treats and interacts with employees.

Leading and serving with purpose helps build a culture of empathy that attracts, retains and nurtures the right talent. Because of our company culture, Teleperformance in India operates at less than half the industry average on attrition, an industry where competition is particularly fierce on the talent side.

An Inclusive Environment

Building an inclusive and diverse workplace has been a top priority at Teleperformance, with Gender Diversity and providing employment to Differently-Abled people taking center stage. Worldwide, Teleperformance is committed to creating #GenderSmart workplaces and strives to create a culture of inclusiveness where every individual no matter their gender, race or disability is driven to achieve their full potential.

For example, Teleperformance in India has been ahead of the curve in providing special initiatives to help new mothers bond with their babies. The flexible ‘coming-back-to-work” policy is one such move. Through such policies, we ensure sensitivity and understanding for our employees’ needs and concerns.

Teleperformance in India has also created an initiative called Samarth to assist differently-abled people working across our sites. Currently, Samarth has helped on-board over 40 differently-abled individuals across our sites.

Communication is Key

Teleperformance in India’s culture is defined by the way people work with each other. Mentoring is a key element of our success. But it is also true that the transfer of knowledge is a two-way street. The culture of listening is at the core of team dynamics. We ensure open channels of communication through activities such as open house sessions with the CEO, designated interactive sessions with site heads, and skip level meetings with senior leadership and more such two-way communication channels for the employees.

In addition, Teleperformance in India encourages advancement and personal development. Thus far in 2017, there have been more than 1,000 cases of career advancement.

Each of these factors has helped Teleperformance in India succeed.

As a result, Teleperformance in India is ranked among the top 10 employers in India and the #1 BPO and best workplace for employees. Teleperformance in India was also ranked the 8th Best Company to Work for in India by the Great Place to Work Institute, which was the 5th time receiving this recognition. In addition, Teleperformance in India been awarded Aon Best employer three times and the Contact Center World Industry Champion in India second year in a row.

We know that a company’s culture matters. To learn more about how our exceptional work environment at Teleperformance in India can benefit you and your customers, contact us today.

Visit us at: www.teleperformance.in

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