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Teleperformance - 03.16.2018

In today’s digital age, brands and businesses have learned how to utilize the strength of social media when it comes to selling and promoting their products, but most importantly—and perhaps the most valuable of them all—seeing social media as means to interact with their customers. Because of social media, communication between brands and their customers has never been this easier: all it takes is a click of a button, and then the magic happens.

Customer service has always been a great attribute in maintaining the satisfaction of consumers. Brand loyalty, more often than not, is the result of a consistently positive customer experience. With this, satisfied customers are always the best brand promoters, as brands can easily acquire new customers—word-of-mouth marketing is truly a friend, and in an environment where everyone has a voice like the social media landscape in India, it is truly important to understand what customers want and need.

India is currently at the forefront of an enhanced digital customer experience. The country’s Internet penetration stands at 60 percent, and its social media usage is phenomenal, averaging about 462 million active social media users. To be able to penetrate such a country whose population depend on social media heavily, implementing an efficient social media strategy is key in attracting and keeping customers. By doing this, customers can become brand advocates, and in a social media environment where everything can be seen, read, and heard—knowing how to manage the digital customer experience is indeed a powerful asset.

Our latest two-pager can help you understand how to use social media to your advantage in India. Learn more about how we can tailor an omnichannel solution to help your business implement a satisfying digital experience for your customers.

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