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AI and Analytics Powering the Future of Sales

Live selling and video-based content are becoming a key part of many industries. The retail industry was in the midst of transformation well before the pandemic. Customers were already craving more engaging online shopping experiences—and the pandemic only accelerated this, with an astonishing 75% of U.S. consumers trying new shopping methods in response to economic pressure, store closings, and changing priorities during the pandemic (according to McKinsey). In response to these shifting consumer preferences, live selling has emerged as a way for retailers to engage buyers in a safe, digital format that retains the human element of in-person shopping.

In recent years, analytics have evolved and become the backbone of sales programs. It’s vital to use the best tools to obtain accurate data and thus, generate ample revenue. In addition, sales data help you identify hindrances that diminish your sales rate so you can find a solution as soon as possible. In this podcast, Michael Aronowitz and Sid Mukherjee focus on how we utilize data and analytics to increase conversion rates, the role of AI in the sales domain and what we can expect in 2023.


Sid Mukherjee - Chief Digital Officer with Teleperformance

Michael Aronowitz - Sales CX leader with Teleperformance

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