Digital Transformation

Ensuring Sales program Success with the Right People, Talent and Processes

In this podcast, Michael and Stephanie discuss best practices and insights on ensuring the success of sales programs. Owing to the nature of programs, sales programs, in general, have a shorter runway as compared to other types of programs. Timelines are extremely critical and the timeframes to launch are important factors to consider. It's important to understand historical trends, ramp to efficiency, the importance of interaction analytics, and other important indicators. You need to begin by setting parameters to measure success, build KPIs, setting up the right data parameters, and analyzing the right data, and reporting structures around it. Data is the most important step in ensuring success. Michael will also share examples on setting up for successful sales campaigns, and what not to do.



Michael Aronowitz

Executive Vice President, Digital Sales and Strategy, Teleperformance

Stephanie Millner

Global Executive, Vice President CX Management Teleperformance

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