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Preparing your Digital Sales Programs for Success in 2022

The pandemic has super-charged the customer’s digital mindset and fueled the expectation for multiple channels and tools to help them make a purchase decision today. As a result, companies have had to evolve their own systems and processes to build engagement and meet their buyer at a place and time of their choosing. In this edition of our Digital Sales focused podcast series, Michael Aronowitz and Stephanie Millner will explore learnings from 2021. What took them by surprise, for example, labor shortage, wage rates going up, retaining talent and more. They will also discuss what worked and did not. For example, many companies should have focused their efforts on implementing digital tools and technology to cross sell and upsell better. This would have enabled them to lower their cost per call, drive additional revenues and create higher lifetime value. They will also discuss what to expect in 2022 and how you should prepare for it.


Michael Aronowitz - Executive Vice President, Digital Sales and Strategy, Teleperformance

Stephanie Millner - Global Executive, Vice President CX Management Teleperformance

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