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The Offer You Can't Refuse

We are in hard times! Even though we are on the road to this new normal, we see companies struggling to keep their head above the water. According to Steven van Belleghem, "March 2020 was the biggest digital transformation course the world has ever seen", and we're living a completely different life, where business and consumers are still adjusting their approach. Many companies saw opportunities to transform the way they ran their business and stood out. In this podcast, Steven highlighted the top-three elements companies need to establish to give their customers an offer they can refuse neither today nor post-pandemic. He also shared highlights on business evolution in the past months and the best adoption performed by companies across the globe.


Steven van Belleghem - Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Global Thought Leader on the future of customer relationships

Danny Kuivenhoven - Digital Transformation Director at Teleperformance

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