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Welcome to the inaugural version of Teleperformance’s Transformation newsletter, our window into the world of digital transformation.

Transformation can be very broad by definition and mean different things to different people. At Teleperformance, our endeavor is to demystify Transformation through our proprietary framework – T.A.P. – T for Technology, A for Analytics, and P for Process Excellence – which combines Lean Six Sigma with Design Thinking and offers our Knowledge Services consultants a platform for driving Transformation and Innovation on behalf of our clients.

Our team of 700+ T.A.P. experts around the world, helps clients with a wide variety of service delivery transformations on a daily basis. On the Technology front, we leverage Process Mining and Automation platforms to crunch cycle times, AI and Gamification to drive up human productivity, Digital Assistants and Voice- to-Messaging for multi-channel CX, besides exploring new advancements such as Augmented Reality to further enhance the quality of services delivered at a compelling cost-to-serve. Through Analytics, we help our clients improve conversion rates in sales campaigns, improve collections effectiveness while reducing the cost-to-collect, reduce customer churn and improve retention, reduce complaints and improve net promoter scores. Finally, we use Lean to reduce non-value adding activities and reduce cycle times, Six Sigma to eliminate errors and improve FTR and Design Thinking to completely reimagine how services will be delivered in the future.

2020 has been one of the most challenging years in recent history, as the pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformation, disrupting industries and businesses of all shapes and sizes. At Teleperformance, we genuinely believe that every disruption presents an opportunity. We have been leveraging T.A.P. to make our client delivery operations more resilient than ever before, embracing new CX platforms such as Messaging in a big way, embedding Analytics to make our operations more intelligent and blending in Automation so that humans can focus on adding value to the end customer. Besides, Teleperformance Cloud Campus, our market-leading work-at-home platform, has offered our clients the option of having remote, virtual operations as a long-term, services strategy.

I hope you find some of the transformation use cases and original thought leadership in the newsletter relevant for your business and area of focus. Going forward, we will endeavor to bring you more success stories on digital transformation every quarter.

Good luck with your transformation efforts in 2021!

Leading The Transformation Wave

Thought leadership from our global T.A.P. experts to guide you on the latest developments in technology and transformation

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Why Design Thinking Works for Digital Transformation

Jojo Pacis, VP Transformation & Capability Development, Philippines, discusses how Design Thinking strategy can assist in building an effective digital transformation strategy.

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4 Easy Steps be Agile

Iris Spinler-Waid, VP Business Readiness & Transformation, US, suggests embracing an interactive & cross-functional collaboration approach for organizations to become Agile.

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Process and Task Mining - Optimized Process Reengineering

Gagan Sodhi Menon, Chief Transformation Officer, India, shares how process mining and task mining can help in creating an effective automation strategy.

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Covid-19 as a Digital Transformation Catalyst

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a ripple effect on businesses, markets, and economies around the world. It has prompted thousands of organizations to rethink their strategies to meet the changing demands of their customers continuously. It has also allowed companies to accelerate their digital transformation further.

LIR | Back to the Future of WFH

The global pandemic has forced significant changes in the business world, including a vital shift in the workforce from a brick-and-mortar to a work-from-home (WFH) model. For many companies, this abrupt change is an about-face after years of only traditional solutions.


Teleperformance Cloud Campus recognized as market Leader

Everest Group recognizes Teleperformance as a Leader in its WAHA PEAK Matrix® 2021, the only provider to be featured among the top three providers across all regions covered – Americas, EMEA, and APAC.

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Thank you for your interest in T.A.P.

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