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Welcome to Teleperformance, where we are looking for bright minds, creative influencers, and status quo challengers that need a platform for their ideas to shine.

You’ve got the theory and the talent. We’ve got the know-how in perfect customer service. We’re not just powered by cutting-edge technology, but by the perfect balance of automation and the human empathetic touch.

Are you driven by your dreams? The Teleperformance Launch Pad Global Internship Program is the perfect place for stars like you to shine.


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This is it. The perfect starting point for your career. All we want is your talent, potential and excitement for the journey ahead. Our internship program puts you right in the center of the Teleperformance experience, where we will work together to connect, collaborate, and co-create to make a difference and build a positive foundation for next generation customer service.


  1. Experience the Front-Line Work
  2. Learn the Fundamentals of Business Analysis
  3. Understand Business Modeling Tools & Techniques
  4. Discover the Fundamentals of Project Management
  5. Hone your learned skills with an Improvement Project

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  3. Assignment
  4. Curriculum
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