Teleperformance Launch Pad Global Internship Program

Frequently asked questions about our Teleperformance Launch Pad Global Internship Program


The My TP Career Launch Pad Global Internship Program is a unique 2-cycle internship which enables you to discover yourself through challenges and cultural diversity. You will be given the opportunity to:

  1. Experience the Front-Line Work
  2. Learn the Fundamentals of Business Analysis
  3. Understand Business Modeling Tools & Techniques
  4. Discover the Fundamentals of Project Management
  5. Hone your learned skills with an Improvement Project

If you perform well and meet all criteria during the program, you may receive a job offer with Teleperformance even before you graduate!

We are looking for candidates with the following profile:

• Enrolled in a college program and studying in 3rd or 4th year
• Critical Thinking and Strong English Communications Skills
• Learning agility
• The desire to be part of a winning team

Does it sound like you? Apply now.

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Yes. You will be informed of your application progress during each step of the process by your registered email. Whether or not you meet the criteria to progress on to the next application step, you will receive an email confirmation regarding your status. If you do not hear back from us within 2-3 weeks of completing an application step, please contact us at MyTPLaunch@Teleperformance.com

No. Once the application deadline has passed, it is not possible to apply. This is to ensure that all candidates go through the same process.

No. You are responsible for covering any expenses that may arise for you to be present and available in the internship country for the duration of each cycle.
If, on the other hand, we send you to another country for business purposes, then all related expenses will be covered.

We encourage you to visit our job opportunities page to explore the available positions.

For any problems, doubts, or comments, feel free to email us at MyTPLaunch@Teleperformance.com

For any problems, doubts, or comments, feel free to email us at MyTPLaunch@Teleperformance.com

Teleperformance offers a 2-cycle approach because it will give the candidates a better chance to showcase their skills and abilities and giving us a better chance to get to know them.

Across the two cycles, you will work on projects that will allow you to discover our business challenges, opportunities, processes, and systems.

  • Level 1 will give you the opportunity to discover several aspects of our company (i.e. operations, people and culture) through projects that allow you to interact with people from different areas.
  • Level 2 will give you the opportunity to experience a deep dive into a specific department or functional area, and by completing both, a potential job opportunity opens.

Yes, the Teleperformance Launch Pad Global Internship Program offers a very competitive salary. Salaries vary on a country-to-country basis.

  • 2-month internship for summer break (Level 1 only)
  • 6-month internship in last year/semester of college

No, you need to be in the country where the internship is proposed. When you work from a different country, several complications such as tax, social security and regulatory issues arise for both the individual and their employer. Hence, we are not open to such solutions.

This will vary on a country-by-country basis, but we currently have interns completing programs in Operations, Client Services, Legal, TAP (Technology, Analytics and Process and People Leadership.

Level 1 is general for all candidates. For Level 2, we will try our best to match you to a department based on your interests and your strengths.

It will depend on the project scope and expected deliverables. Projects may require individual or group work. In any case, you can be sure that all projects will be meaningful, challenging, and give you the opportunity to showcase and further develop your skills, whether it is in an individual or group setting.

Every Teleperformance intern will receive day-to-day guidance and support from their mentor, who has the same function as a supervisor. They will introduce you to your project, clarify expectations, guide you on a day-to-day basis, and provide you with feedback.

During Level 1, you will complete a project with a definite scope and deliverables, based on which you will be assessed. We believe that both WHAT you achieve / deliver and HOW you do so is important. Therefore, you will also be assessed on the behaviors you display which should be aligned with our company’s work ethics.

Throughout the experience you will receive feedback and guidance so that you understand what is expected of you. The final assessment will take place at the end of each internship cycle.

We strive to ensure you have a great experience in Level 1 so that you eagerly look forward to getting selected for Level 2.
However, in case you do not want to continue, there is no obligation for you to do so.

Send us an email at MyTPLaunch@Teleperformance.com with the subject “TP Internship” and one of our Specialists will get in touch with you.