BI Analyst JR
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BI Analyst JR

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What you’ll do as an BI Analyst JR:

  • Collect data from transcripts of recorded conversations to identify patterns in topics of discussion or speech patterns of speakers.
  • Interpret large amounts of information and draw conclusions from it.
  • Perform BI analysis on long and medium-term projects.
  • Research topics related to your work, such as political events or international relations.
  • Analyze large amounts of data, such as extensive texts, to find specific information.
  • Identify the most important information and draw conclusions from it.
  • Communicate with clients and other team members.
  • Analyze situations and take decisions based on available information.

Who are you?

  • Someone with a bachelor’s degree in business, management, accounting, economics, statistics, information science, engineering, or related fields, who understands how to collect, transform, and process data for further research and analysis.
  • An individual with critical thinking skills, business acumen, autonomy, proactivity, high energy level, and an intermediate-advanced English level.
  • Preferably, someone with 1 to 2 years of experience as a Data Scientist in consulting companies in the industry.
  • A person who knows how to use MS Office, Power BI- BI, and reporting capabilities in a dynamic environment. Desirably, this person should know SQL, Python and/or R.


  • Working with the TOP Team.
  • A job you can do from the comfort of your own home.🏡

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