I-latam Data Scientist
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I-latam Data Scientist

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  • Bachelor’s in Math, Statistics, Data Science, Engineering, or Economy.
  • At least 2 years of certified experience working in analytics projects.
  • Demonstrable development of advanced analytics solutions in real-world scenarios across multiple industries and lines of business.
  • Knowledge to establish methodologies to create/redefine analytics models.
  • English level (B2+).


  • Support the customer (internal and external) in identifying the needs and/or requirements to improve processes.
  • Review the quality, integrity, and source of the databases to implement the defined analytical models.
  • Select and apply statistical techniques, perform corresponding tests by models to ensure the quality and integrity of the results.
  • Present the results obtained in data analysis, action plans, and recommendations to the client with an advisory approach.
  • Be in constant search for new codes, functions, programming languages, or data mining methods that enhance knowledge and use of applied statistics.
  • Perform testing and regular reports to monitor the robustness, stability, and performance of predictive models in production.
  • Ensure the implementation of analytical solutions for customers (internal and external) according to the priorities and needs of the business.