Operations Manager
Image Icon Trinidad & Tobago · Port of Spain
Category Operations
Requisiton 0001
Full time


  • Coordinate, direct and develop your work team through the TOPS guidelines. Developing solid tactics for the planning process, in order to ensure optimal team performance and maintain the proposed operational standards.
  • Implement solid strategies and tactics that allow the achievement of the objectives of the campaign.
  • Analyze, control and search for improvements of the KPIS (productivity, effectiveness, resolution, quality, AHT and others.) in order to optimize the results and the standards of the operation.
  • Create, structure and coordinate the planning and effective management of all resources, in accordance with the parameters of the operation, in order to maximize their productivity (supporting us with support teams) and guarantee the proper functioning of the service offered.
  • Consolidate the necessary and complete information for the presentation of reports to the client's senior management departments, in accordance with the objectives of the campaign.
  • Maintain an appropriate climate that facilitates timely relationship with the corporate client.
  • Participate in ongoing training programs and ensure communication to the entire operation about the content and the opportunity to participate.
  • Properly use the tools established and assigned by the company, both for their role and for the operation's operation.
  • Maintain an active and permanent communication channel between the company and the operation, through which safety policies, training plans, procedures, etc. are disclosed.
  • Lead professionally and ethically from their role, the assigned work team, in line with the values, DNA and development initiatives of Teleperformance.


  • Professional in business administration, industrial engineering, or similar careers
  • 1 year of experience as a operations supervisor or in similar positions in BPO or in related positions.