Make informed decisions

Turn interaction data into actionable insights

Apply advanced analytics to understand customer needs and preferences, and recommend products, services, and solutions.

Business advantages

Understand your customers

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Predict what they need - and when.

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Try new products, features, and services to understand customer reactions.

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Intervene before you lose a customer.

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Mitigate risk and prevent fraudulent behavior.

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Increase customer satisfaction with experiences that reflect their value.


Predict customer needs and preferences to customize support options and operations.

Anticipate customer actions and needs with an analytics platform that makes recommendations based on historical buying patterns and behavior data.

Simplify data interpretation with the advanced visualization capabilities in our interactive analytics platform.

Gain valuable insights from interactions across all channels to maximize sales, customer retention, and operational efficiencies.

Analyze marketing results to identify and maximize sales opportunities.

Data Converted into Actionable Insights

TP Interact analyzes data from multiple channels, including calls, chats, emails, surveys and social media, supporting both structured & unstructured data.

Case Study

Solocal: Sell More and Deliver Better with Conversation Analytics

TP KS applied TP Interact to Solocal, successfully obtaining, after a period of 6 months:
+ %

Conversion Rate

- %

Repeat Calls

- %

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