Elevate customer engagement and loyalty

Leverage AI for faster, personalized, and empathetic support

Choosing the right partner for your AI needs is critical. When implemented correctly, AI can boost team productivity while fortifying customer relationships and loyalty.


About Teleperformance

Achieve efficiency with empathy to create meaningful interactions. At Teleperformance, AI doesn't replace human connection - it augments it. We deliver outstanding customer experiences powered by emotional intelligence (EI), enabled by AI.


Trusted by the world’s leading brands, Teleperformance has deployed AI-based solutions as part of our digitalization strategy since 2016. Cutting-edge technology paired with our people’s empathy has transformed millions of lives globally, enabling unparalleled experiences.

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More than 60 proprietary AI solutions that support our core services alone


More than 600 of our clients use at least one of our proprietary AI tools

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Deployed about 25,000 bots to address simple customer requests, and/or to support our employees

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Improve multiple operational KPIs with one unique solution

Teleperformance’s AI framework

Our approach revolves around three pillars:

Driven by these three pillars, Teleperformance is able to deliver superior service that delights customers. AI and Gen AI powers our people, processes, and technology to help us provide our clients’ customers with easier, faster, more personalized, and empathetic customer support to build and retain customer loyalty.

Enhancing every customer touchpoint

Testimonials from clients and industry experts

AI continues to elevate our team’s performance by empowering our employees so we can always be there for those who we serve.

MIT Technology Review Insights

Humans at the heart of generative AI

Get the most business value from generative AI with a prudent and human-centered approach is necessary. It enhances both employee and customer experience by automating the handling of routine tasks and repetitive inquiries while providing background support to employees tasked with more complex issues. Read the exclusive report from MIT Technology Review Insights to learn more – only available here.

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