Simplifying operations and processes with AI

Elevating tomorrow’s CX through our high-tech, high-touch approach

AI continues to be the engine that powers the world’s most transformational companies. Teleperformance’s AI capabilities combined with our global team of interaction experts are two key multipliers that can transform the next generation of CX.

AI Operations

Combine the power of AI and machine learning with human understanding

At Teleperformance, we know that the true star of the show is human empathy and ability. With this in mind, we allow technology to pave way for us to create simpler, faster, and safer interactions.

A brief look into our Human Intelligence teams

Our capabilities

NLP/NLU (text and audio)

  • Audio and text transcriptions and translations
  • OCR and document transcription
  • Text intent training
  • Text sentiment training
  • ASR training

Computer Vision (image, video, GIFs, 3D point cloud)

  • Bounding box annotations
  • Polygon annotations
  • Semantic segmentation
  • Line and spline annotations
  • Cuboid annotations for 2D images and videos
  • Point cloud animations for 3D images such as Lidar

  • Data triaging
  • Data classification
  • Data cleansing
  • Data normalization
  • Data cataloging
  • Data bias monitoring

  • ASR intent training for IVAs/voice assistants
  • Text intent training for chatbots
  • Audio/text transcriptions and translations
  • Audio/text sentiment training

AI and customer experience

How can AI and analytics improve customer satisfaction? Learn valuable industry insights through our LinkedIn Live that discusses the role of AI in customer service.

A trusted partner in security

Our commitment to security and protecting the data of our customers has been recognized.

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