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Teleperformance Cloud Campus Store

Unleash the possibilities of unlimited access to Teleperformance resources in any language and location. Welcome to the Teleperformance Cloud Campus store—a one-stop-shop for recruitment, employee preparation, branding, and engagement needs.

Teleperformance cloud campus store

Expanding our work-from-anywhere vision and strategy

Teleperformance is committed to creating a dynamic workplace for our employees, a place where people find growth, development, and inclusion. And for a company like ours serving  170 markets across the globe, this can happen everywhere!

Expanding our vision means opening avenues of opportunities for our employees to work anywhere—an inclusive approach that enables our people to choose where they want to develop their careers.

As a central hub of care, the Teleperformance Cloud Campus store provides a contact point for all employees: a space where they can connect, develop, and learn, wherever, whenever.

Opportunities closer to home

Real business benefits

Remote work is here to stay!

With many service providers with the same offerings, what makes the Teleperformance Cloud Campus store truly unique and ahead of the pack?

To ensure only the highest standards for remote work and establish quality assurance (QA), we designed a certification program that builds a workforce of certified enthusiasts based on the intricacies and lessons learned from Teleperformance’s extensive experience in Digital Integrated Business Services.

Take a step into the future

What is the Teleperformance Cloud Campus?

The Teleperformance Cloud Campus is a proven, secure, and flexible work-at-home (WAH) model with an innovative approach to the recruitment, management, training, optimization, engagement, and development of remote teams while improving operational efficiencies.

Build operations that can truly support a hybrid environment (office-based and/or WAH) to ensure business continuity in case of unforeseen disruptions, such as the pandemic

Acquire business agility throulikegh the Cloud Campus cloudshoring model designed to meet onshoring (local), nearshoring (regional) just in Croatia, and offshoring (global) needs

Teleperformance work-at-home agents (WAHA) are 2.1% more productive, 6.3% more agreeable to shifts, and 18% average handling time (AHT) compliant

Leading the work-from-anywhere movement

Teleperformance Cloud Campus has been recognized by the industry for innovation, security, and talent management.

High Res PEAK 2021 WAHA CXM Services For Teleperformance

The future of work is here.

Contact us to know more about our Cloud Campus solution: we'll help you design your ideal, future-ready delivery model.

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